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Pursuit Greatness Dream Children Word Voice Answers Kingdom Win Good Relationships Working Christ-Life


Before You Start “Beginning: Year One”
• We would like to spend some time talking to you about the BENEFITS of these courses.

• We would also like to INTRODUCE you to the format you will see, as you start going through these courses.

• And, we would like to quickly give you some INSTRUCTIONS so you will know how to use them.

Rather than putting all this information on this page, we decided to provide it for you through these three Special Features presentations. They will give you all the information you need to be able to get the most out of Beginning: Year One.

Please read the column to the right and it will give you a brief explanation for what the three Special Features buttons on the blue Special Features Bar above will take you to.

We are praying that Beginning: Year One will be a wonderful blessing to you and your friends.
The Special Features
• When you click on the “Beginning Benefits” words above, they will take you to the infomation that will help you understand why you should start doing Beginning: Year One

• When you click on the words “Beginning Introduction,” you will be provided with a quick overview of all you will be experiencing during your time with Beginning: Year One.

• When you click on the words “Beginning Instructions,” you will be shown how to use the Beginning: Year One portion of this website.

After you have gone through these three Special Feature presentations, please come back to this page, scroll down to the next text box, and it will take you into the actual courses.

Just click on the words “Beginning Benefits” on the blue bar above and you will be on your way.

Let’s Get Started
Now that you have read about the Benefits, the Introduction, and the Instructions, you are ready to start your first course.

Just click on the words, “Click Here For The Course Introduction List” below or on the “Beginning Courses” words on the Program Bar above and they will take you to that list. Once you get to the Course Introduction List Page, read the introduction to “The Pursuit Of God” and then click on the course title, “Course One: The Pursuit Of God” in the gray bar.
After you have finished one or more courses, be sure to go back to the Beginning Courses List Page each time you start a new course. There you can scroll down to the introductory words for your next course and read it.

It would even be good if you read all the previous introductions before you start your next course. These introductions are very important for helping you see the big picture of what God is trying to do for you.

Be sure to print a copy of “A Daily Schedule For Each Week And A Check List.” This will help you know what each day’s special emphasis is and the check list will help you keep a record of where you were last.

***Click Here For A Daily Schedule For Each Week And A Check List***

As a mentor, you will have your own devotions to look at during this year. You will have daily reading assignments in the Bible. Some assignments will include chapters about the various kings over the nation of Israel. If you would like to have a copy of the kings in the order of their reigns, you can click on the link below and it will provide you with a PDF copy.

***Click Here For A Copy Of The Chart Of The Kings Of Israel And Judah***

Shortcut Words
Once you have read the Courses’ welcome and each subject introduction and are navigating back and forth during your times of study, you can use the Shortcut Bar at the top or bottom of this page to speed up your access to the classes. If you are not sure what a shortcut-word represents, just hold your mouse cursor over the word and the full title will appear.

Pursuit Greatness Dream Children Word Voice Answers Kingdom Win Good Relationships Working Christ-Life

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