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Devotions With Jesus

Why Do I Need That?
Part One Or Two
Why should you get involved in Devotions With Jesus? The answer to that is, so you can find the happiness you are looking for! If you have already found a lot of happiness in God and want to keep growing in that direction, then we recommend that you go ahead and click on the Part Two words above and take a look at those Benefits. But, if you are still suffering a lot in life, then we recommend you continue here in Part One.

The search for happiness has been the motivation that has influenced most, if not all, of your decisions and plans. Happiness is an emotional experience that gives you the feelings that make being alive worthwhile. If you are happy, then life feels exciting, rewarding, and filled with hope. If you are unhappy, then it can even resist the good things that are coming your way.
Rosy Or Blue
Happiness and unhappiness are like colored lenses in eye glasses that you wear. If you are wearing rose tinted glasses, then everything appears to be rosy and colorful. If you are looking through dark blue tinted glasses, then everything appears to be cold and dark. Happiness and unhappiness will color all the other events and relationships in your day.

Most of everything we all have been doing has been involved in an effort to find those things that provide us with the happiness we seek. We all have to do some things that don’t make us happy because they are necessities of life. But, once we get them out of the way, we go right back to pursuing happiness.

The Pursuit Of Happiness
We have all discovered that everything we do does not make us happy. We have also found out that we aren’t automatically happy all the time. Once we discovered these two things, we started experimenting with various things to see what worked and what didn’t.

Some things seemed to be offering happiness but gradually we found they didn’t KEEP making us happy. There were things we tried that appeared to work while others just weren’t things we enjoyed. Some of the people around us liked various things and recommended them to us but most of them didn’t work at all.
As we found those things we liked and enjoyed, we started making them priorities in our life. However, some of the things that started out providing us with happiness later proved to have side effects.

We enjoyed them at the time; but, later we had hangovers, depressions, feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and pain. This made us want to find ways of experiencing happiness and pleasure without these side effects; but, it became obvious that they were inseparable.

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