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Devotions With Jesus

Welcome To Devotion Introduction
Devotions With Jesus Provides
You With
Four Areas Of Help

Since you live in a body, you need to be able to be healthy and energetic. There are influences inside you and in the circumstances of your life that have a great affect on your health and physical wellbeing. As things start to get better and inspire you to a way of life that is enjoyable and exciting, things start to improve in your body. The Bible concepts presented in Devotions With Jesus will help you get those things flowing into you.

Rather than allowing the disappointments, failures, fears, concerns, and problems of life influence the way you feel, you will be working on getting feelings of happiness, confidence, esteem, and determination to start crowding out damaging emotions. You won’t need to fight negative attitudes and emotions; you will be able to drive them out with positive facts that are more powerful than the negative ones.

Money and possessions are vital to your life and future. We all have bills that have to be paid, need food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and a lot of other things that take money to obtain. The person you are, your approach to life, and the skills you possess all have an affect on your ability to obtain the finances you need. Devotions With Jesus will provide you with the systems of God so you will be able to be and have those things you need; you will to be able to get the resources you have to have.

It is almost impossible to succeed in life without having some kind of relationship with the people around you. Relationships have certain rules, systems, and methods that make them work or fail. The help you will obtain through Devotions With Jesus will not only help you have great relationships with people, it will help you work together with these people to succeed at all the other areas of your life.
Four Provisions For Success

There’s a right way and a wrong way of doing everything. Truth is vital to you being able to approach the issues of your life. If you know what really works, then you at least stand a chance of winning at life. If you can see things the way they really are, it will equip you with advantages that give you clarity and confidence. Devotions With Jesus is dealing with those things that have proven to do what they say they will do.

If you are surrounded by people who have agendas that are totally selfish and devious, even if you have all the true facts, they can sabotage you efforts. If the people around you mislead you, work against you, take your successes and things away from you, or make your life miserable, then it will be incredibly difficult for you to accomplish your goals. The life-systems of Devotions With Jesus will guide you in how to surround yourself with people who can be trusted and will love you.

If you know most of the right answers and ways of doing things, and if you are surrounded with very supportive people, but if you don’t have the power, skills, abilities, talents, and determination to do them, you will still struggle with life. God has power He is willing to share with you that will equip you with the ability to do those things you need to do. Devotions With Jesus will be spending a lot of time helping you tap into that power.

Advertisements, people’s promises, our own hopes and dreams, and many other sources of proposed help is constantly being offered. No doubt you have been let down by a lot of these offers; however, we are offering you the answers that have worked miracles in our own lives. One of the main reasons you have been failed in the past is because most of the promises others have made you were motivated by money. People have said things and promised you help because they would get your money, if you accepted their help; these Devotions are coming to you for free.

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