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Sermon Series One
When you create a human with a free will and you are as honest as God is, that can cause a lot of problems. God gave Adam and Eve a free will; and He gave them some trees to exercise that free will on. As you know, they chose the wrong tree and contaminated the earth and all its inhabitants with a spiritual disease.

That disease is causing all of us to struggle with feeling things, thinking things, saying things, and doing things we don’t want. It also fights our efforts to start feeling, thinking, saying, and doing the right things.

It was quite an assignment; but, God pursued mankind throughout the entire Old and New Testaments and provided us with a cure without taking our free will away from us. It is amazing to see just how much God loves you and what He was willing to do to show you the greatness of that love.

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“The Pursuit Of God” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Two
This Sermon Series takes you to the next level of respect, adoration, and faith in God. It helps you to see just how great He is and then helps you use that knowledge to put your complete faith, trust, dependency, and reliance on Him.

Living life to the fullness and abundance that God has for you is majorly built on the issue of faith. The more you see God’s greatness, the more you are able to believe that He CAN and WILL answer your prayers positively. It helps you be ready to open your eyes and heart to His greatness so you can see that God can easily take good care of you.

God is not only all powerful, He is all loving. Not only that, He knows everything. Which means He never makes mistakes. And, if that isn’t enough, He is everywhere. That means He will always be right there every time you call out to Him with a need or reach out in love.

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“The Greatness Of God” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Three
A lot of people are wandering around in life because they either don’t have a dream from God; or, they have forgotten what He told them. We are lost without having a direction toward the purpose God has for us.

This Sermon Series will help you let God show you the dream He wants you to have. It will explain why all the things that have been happening to you have been happening. You will know what God wants you to do about them and how to use them to be able to accomplish great things.

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“The Dream” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Four
God has a very exciting plan for all His children. And as one of His children, He has provided a wonderful plan where you can live life to the full. All you have to do is take advantage of all His provisions and your life will go from good to great! Let’s take a look at what it is going to take for you to get all that God has for you.

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“The Children Of God” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Five
Many have wished they had some sort of life manual. It would be disappointing to reach the end of your life and find out that you did it all wrong. What if you could start your life out RIGHT from this moment on? Wouldn’t that be great, if you could find out all the secrets to life and start living them?

It doesn’t take a person much time to realize that the Bible is the manual for life. Like a perfect product that you buy at the store, you know it is real by the way it does exactly what the advertisement said it would. The Bible, the Word of God, is going to change your life just like it says it will. You will know it is real because it meets and exceeds all your expectations. Let’s take a look at what it will do for you.

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“The Word Of God” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Six
Before they sinned, God carried on conversations with Adam and Eve in the cool of the evening. God and Abraham talked together on numerous occasions. God talked with Moses face to face. All through the Old Testament you will read about conversations God had with people.

In the New Testament God talked to people as Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Now God talks to all of us through His Holy Spirit. Since you have the Holy Spirit living in you, God is able to talk to you Spirit to spirit which comes to you in your thoughts. Unfortunately, the Holy Spirit isn’t the only one trying to influence your thoughts.

There are four voices talking to all of us on a regular basis and we are responsible for deciding which one we are going to listen to. For those of us who want to do what God tells us to do, we try to only listen to God. But it sometimes gets confusing as to what voice is coming from God and which one isn’t.

We will be looking at the Word of God to see how to tell the difference between the voice of God and all other voices. You will also see what the Bible says you are to do when you hear from God and when you here from others. This is one of the most important Sermon Series as it helps you respond to your heavenly Father in a biblical way.

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“Hearing God’s Voice” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Seven

This has been a big issue in many people’s minds. How do you get God to answer your prayers favorably? There are certain things that have to be addressed before you can get this started. God wants to answer your prays in a positive way; but, you have to know how to tap into all God has to offer. This Sermon Series addresses these issues.

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Sermon Series Eight
Just like children learn about life inside the safety of a playground or playroom, we are learning how to live in the spirit realm by practicing here on earth. We provide children with dolls, toys, and games that have certain counterparts in real life. When they start going to school, we provide them with studies that give them educational tools they are going to need as they grow up.

That is what this Sermon Series is all about. The more you understand what you are going to experience in eternity, the more you will know what to excel in now. This is a great Sermon Series for getting you ready for life here and in eternity with God.

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“The Kingdom” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Nine
A lot of Christians don’t know that God has an awesome plan for their life. They don’t know that they were born to be winners in life.

There are three things that are teaching all of us to lose. Once you start working through these three issues, you are going to start living a whole new, powerful Christian life. We will be looking at the steps to identify the problems and the answers on how to overcome them. You will see some wonderful Scriptures that will set you free to win at life and be able to help others do the same.

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“Born To Win” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Ten
We all join the family of God through the gospel message. The word "gospel" actually means, the good news. The wonderful thing about responding to the good news about Jesus is the fact that, that is only the beginning of the good news.

From your first day in the family of God on, it will be a constant and increasing flow of good news into your life. However, that only happens if you allow God to keep sending you more and more good news. You have to invite the good news into your life as you learn more about it. In this Sermon Series you will be learning how to access all the benefits of God’s good news for now and for eternity.

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“The Good News” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Eleven
Relationships are really what God is all about. Whether you look at the Ten Commandments or the Sermon On The Mount, God talks to you about a relationship with Him, a relationship with yourself, and relationships with those around you.

Relationships are often the area where we all struggle the most. The Bible has awesome guidance and power to heal all your relationships and make your life wonderful. Let’s look at what it is going to take to start being blessed by God within yourself and with the people around you.

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“Building Relationships” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Twelve
Our attitudes toward people who are physically sick are often different from those who are spiritually sick. We all need to treat those who are suffering from various spiritual diseases with the same love, concern, skill, and non-judgmental attitudes as we do in a hospital.

As you discover how to turn your church into a spiritual hospital, you expand your influence into the lives of people who desperately need your help. You also learn how to better reach your community with the powerful principles of the Bible.

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“Working With God” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Thirteen
All of Christianity is based on faith. Another word that can be used to describe your faith in God is trust. Faith and trust in God are attitudes that are based on your belief that God tells the truth. You will go far in your relationship with God, if you consider Him honest and trustworthy.

These Sermons are working together to help you put your complete trust in God. They will help you have a wonderful and close relationship with God. That will make your life more exciting and more blessed than you could ever think of or ask for.

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“Living The Christ-Life” title above these comments.

Sermon Series Fourteen
Did you know that children come with an Owner’s Manual? The Bible provides you with all the answers on how to raise children. It provides you with such a powerful system that it is able to help any parent with any type of child.

There is no child-raising situation that the Bible doesn’t address; and, the really good news is, it doesn’t take a lifetime to learn the system. God makes it so simple that you can learn and apply it in a short period of time. Only God could take such a complicated assignment and make it so simple.

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