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The church often struggles with attitudes that keep them from being able to help the people they have been called to minister to. Sin is a spiritual disease that is keeping the unsaved from being able to access God and all He has to offer. Once the church opens its doors to all the sinners in the community, they are faced with people who don’t act, look, talk, or think like they do. This can cause the members of the church to start trying to get them to change on the outside before they change on the inside. If the church really does its job, the lost will be treated with love, respect, and great skill as Christians become as proficient in what they do as the staff of a hospital is with their patients.
Christians don’t always act like they are supposed to. When a church full of Christians get together in one place, a lot of problems can occur. The big question we all face is, why we and other Christians don’t live the way a Christian should live? One main reason is because the Church isn’t equipped with all of the tools, skills, training, and attitudes that it needs to help Christians to live the Christian life with power and anointing. When the church really becomes a spiritual hospital, it will be able to not only help people to get saved; it will be able to help Christians live like Christians. The benefits that come from that will be astounding.

God bless you abundantly as you move forward in your spiritual journey. 

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