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A Good Church
Christian fellowship is vital to us all. We can’t make it without good Christian friends and people who are more mature than us. God also wants to provide us with good spiritual leaders. He wants to provide us with people who have been given special spiritual skills and anointed gifts. These skills and gifts are very important to our spiritual growth. However, finding them can be a real challenge.

Just because a building has a church name on the front and people get together to go through church services, doesn’t make them a good congregation or a good church. Going to church is very important; but going to a GOOD church is even more important.
Good People
A good church must have good Christians who are REALLY living the Christian life. A good church must have good leaders who are teaching the truths of God’s Word and applying them to their own life. A good church must be showing you how to establish a close and intimate relationship with God for yourself.

In other words, rather than just telling you what to believe and trying to tell you what the Bible means, they need to also be teaching you how to gradually start growing in your ability to receive training from Jesus on a personal level.

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