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Since God wants a close, personal relationship with you, He wants you to learn how to start hearing directly from Him. One of those ways is for you to worship Him through songs. You need to go to a church that helps you worship God as you sing songs. This gives you a chance to see how others worship God. And it gives you the experience of worshiping God as a church group.

Worship Services
The times of singing songs during the service are called “worship services.” They are opportunities of singing TO God rather than ABOUT God. If you listen to the words, some songs will lead you to say things to God. You will be singing the song directly to Him. Other songs will have words that seem to be talking to other people about Who God is and what He does. It is better to sing to God so you can open your heart to a love relationship with Him.
Worshipping God
There are songs that sing ABOUT God and seem to be trying to teach you more information. These songs are good for learning; however, this isn’t a good time for you to be learning more information. That needs to be reserved for classes, sermons, and training times like what you are doing right now in these studies.

Praise, Thanksgiving, And Appreciation
Choruses that help you tell God how much you love Him and how much you appreciate His greatness are what you really need. If you can’t find a church that provides this type of worship, then you need to buy some music that does. You need to spend a good portion of every day on your own and especially on Sunday with other Christians worshiping God in song.

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