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Christian Friends
Jesus, I need a few people who are on the same basic spiritual level as I am. Help me find some Christian friends who are willing to study with me, pray with me, and have fun with me. Let them be people who don’t try to tell me what to do. Help them to be willing to discuss all the possibilities of what I need to do. But, as in all cases with all my relationships, let them be willing to allow me to make the final decision between me and God; guide me in finding these people.

Good Christian Friends
Jesus, help me find good Christian friends who will warn me and tell me what I need to hear even when I don’t like hearing it. Help me find someone who won’t only tell me what I want to hear. Help me realize that they aren’t good friends if they won’t tell me the truth. Help me find a GOOD Christian friend who will use the Bible to warn me. Lead me to someone who won’t be trying to run my life with their personal opinions; let them be someone who will help me see where I am going wrong in my relationship with God and His Word.
Friends With A Good Influence
Jesus, I need friends who are influencing me to a closer relationship with God. If I find them drawing me away from my times with God, His Word, and His people, then help me see that they are bad “friends” and they are probably a bad person. Teach me that just because someone has a good personality, is fun to be around, and has similar human interests doesn’t mean they are a good friend. Teach me that the most important quality in a friend is one who loves You and follows Your leadership.

Faithful Friends
Jesus, help me find a good Christian friend who is willing to point me toward God during times when I am starting to think, plan, and do things that are against Biblical training. If I find myself getting more and more excited about God when I am around them, then You have helped me find good Christian friends. If I am going through a financial, emotional, relational, physical, or spiritual struggle, help me find someone who will be willing to sacrifice their time and effort to be there helping me look to God and His Word.

This concludes your studying and asking Jesus for all these truths in
“Christian Fellowship” Week One.

Just spend some time thinking and praying about
what you have learned and asked for so far.
Let Jesus use these truths to change your life.

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