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Dealing With A Life Issue
We are very glad you have decided to take a look at the powerful information that the Bible has to offer. We have developed some studies that can help you defeat some of your biggest and most difficult problems; and, you will be able to start winning in a much greater way in life. Before we get you heading in that direction, we would like to introduce you to three Discovery Classes that may be of help to you.

The first Discovery Course is called: “Finding The Right Study;” the second one is called: “Finding The Right Relationship.” Please read the information below to see which direction you would like to go, as you move into healing for the major difficulties you are facing in life.

Three Steps Of Discovery
In order to help you deal with the problem or issue that is bothering you the most in life, we need to quickly introduce you to the studies that are available to you.

There are two studies in this Discovery Group; the first one is “Finding The Right Study;” and the second one is “Finding The Right Relationship;” Here are the three things these two studies help you DISCOVER:

Finding The Right Study helps you:
  1. Discover what your major life problem is.

  2. Discover what study you should take to solve it.

Finding The Right Relationship helps you:
  3. Discover where you are in your relationship with God.

Let’s take a quick look at the purpose for these two Discovery Studies.

Finding The Right Study
It’s Easy To Use
This study does two things: It helps you identify the major problem that is causing you the most trouble. Then it helps you match that problem with the study that deals with that subject. It is our objective in this course to make it as easy as possible for you to identify your main problem. Once you have done that, we will help you find the right HELP eMagazine study that will address that problem for you.

Identifying Your Major Problem
Sometimes a person will have an emotional issue that is difficult to decide what kind of an emotional struggle it is or which study will address it.

Let’s use an example concerning emotional issues: What is this person MOSTLY having to deal with in their emotional struggles? Is the pain they are feeling hopelessness, loneliness, depression, or guilt? Are they sometimes feeling hopelessness, then other times feeling loneliness, then going through a period of depression, and then having times of going through feelings of guilt? Or, are there times when they are experiencing a combination of some of these? This study is designed to help you with this kind of discovery.

Matching Your Major Problem To A Study
Some issues are easy to match up with the right study. For example, if you are suffering MOSTLY from issues with divorce then obviously you would want to take the study that is dealing with divorce. However, if you have a minor struggle with divorce issues but because of the divorce you are now facing major emotional difficulties, then you would need help discovering what that is. Relational problems can be the cause of the struggle but not be the major issue.

This study will help those who are not sure, to be able to pinpoint the major thing that is doing the most damage, is causing the other problems, and needs to be worked on first.

Solving Your Major Problem
So, even if you feel fairly sure you know which problem is bothering you the most, but, you aren’t positive, you might want to go ahead and take a quick look at this study. If so, please select “Finding The Right Study” words at the top or bottom of this page.
Finding The Right Relationship
Your Relationship With God
This study is for those who have discovered which problem is bothering them the most; and, which study to take to solve it. If you already know what these two things are, then you are ready to start taking this class. This course is Discovery Class two; it helps you find out where you are in your spiritual journey. It deals with three spiritual issues that are vital in order to provide you with the POWER you need to get help with the problems you face. It covers “Learning About The Power-Life,” “Getting The Power-Life,” and “Keeping The Power-Life.”

Your relationship with God needs to be based on you and Him working together on the issues you are struggling with. Those things that are causing you trouble are the first things you and God will be able to build a relationship around. As He helps you with and heals you from your major problem, you are able to experience His love, grace, mercy, and power. You and He build a special relationship, as He heals you and blesses your life.

Your Spiritual Level
Once we know what your major problem is and which study you need to take to solve it, we then need to know where you are spiritually. Your relationship with God has to do with you having the power to learn, understand, and be able to apply the principles you will be exposed to. Without God’s power-relationship with you, you will find your problems too difficult to deal with.

This study will help you discover where you need help on a spiritual level. Your spiritual level has everything to do with your power level. And, your power level has everything to do with your success over your problems. It is vital that we not put pressure on you to solve your own problems. Your problems will quickly become manageable, once you and God start working together on them.

    Discovering Your Spiritual Power Level
  • If you are considering starting a relationship with God, then we need to help you with that. If you are beginning to explore the possibility of establishing a relationship with God, we will show you how that will help you win over your major problem.

  • If you have already established a relationship with God but it is a new relationship, we can help you take your problem and share it with your heavenly Father. We will be able to help you grow in your relationship with Him, as you and He work on your major struggle together.

  • If you have been a Christian for a long time and feel you already have a close and meaningful relationship with your heavenly Father, we can help you continue to grow and gain even more power to win over the thing that is bothering you the most. You will be able to learn more advanced Biblical principles that will make you stronger and more victorious.

    If you are ready to find out which spiritual study to take, please select “Finding The Right Relationship” words at the top or bottom of this page.

Recording Your Progress
To keep track of where you last studied, please download and print the record sheet called “My Power Growth Record.” It will help you remember what you have already completed and what to study next.

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