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Why Am I Struggling With A Problem
I Can’t Seem To Defeat?
Welcome to a quick study that deals with a question that most of us ask from time to time. We have some struggles with our attitudes, character, words, and deeds that we seem to be able to work on and fix. There are some problems we have with various events of our lives that we can keep from happening again. But, most of us have one issue that we seem to have to keep dealing with.

This study addresses those problems and issues that keep coming back no matter how hard we try to get rid of them. It introduces you into the fact that most people have one of these problems and it starts to point you to some solutions to dealing with them.
Keeping It Simple
We provide studies that consist of two pages of material a day and each course lasts from two to five days a week (most of them last five days). We want to help you WHILE you are going about your normal life. To get this question answered, you would start with the first day, read two pages that address this question, spend the day thinking and praying about the material you were presented in those two pages, and then come back the next day for two more pages.

This process keeps these programs, studies, and materials from dominating your life. By the end of a year, you will have received an incredible amount of healing, help, and training WITHOUT having to devote yourself to hours of study each day. Just select the “button” above or below with the words “The Question” and you will get started on this study for this week.

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