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Getting Acquainted With HELP eMagazine

Before You Start Using
“HELP eMagazine”
In order for you to get your needs met in a special way, you need to understand how to take advantage of HELP eMagazine. If you are willing, we would like to spend some time talking to you about the BENEFITS of this magazine. We would also like to INTRODUCE you to the format you will see, as you start going through it. And, we would like to quickly give you some INSTRUCTIONS so you will know how to use it. But, rather than trying to put all this information on one page, we have created some special places for you to go to get this information.

You Decide What You Need
We have made it a simple process for you to learn about the BENEFITS, the INTRODUCTION information, and to get some INSTRUCTIONS. We have broken this information into a two page study for each day of the week. However, if you feel you already understand the benefits and just want to get involved in the magazine’s great provisions, then you can go straight to the introduction, the instructions, or to a page that will help you pick out the subject that will best help you.

If you are willing to take some time to better understand the magazine just keep reading. But, if you want to skip the benefits, introduction, and instructions, you can go ahead and start finding the subject that will best help you; in that case, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. There you can click on the words “If you are not sure which subject to choose.”

Special Features
To get better acquainted with HELP eMagazine, please scroll up to the top of this page and notice the three white sets of words on the blue bar above. You will see “HELP Benefits,” “HELP Introduction,” and “HELP Instructions.” These three sets of words, if selected, will take you to a two-page-a-day study that will help you get better acquainted with HELP eMagazine. It will also start you on your journey into a Level One spiritual and Life Success training.

To start out learning more about HELP eMagazine, just click on the words “HELP Benefits” on the blue bar above. After you have looked at the benefits, spend some time looking at the introductory information by clicking on the words “HELP Introduction” and then you will be ready to get started following the instructions by clicking on the words “HELP Instructions.”

We are praying that HELP eMagazine will be a wonderful blessing to you and your friends.

Let’s Get Started
After you have read about the benefits, the introduction, and the instructions, you are ready to start your second study in HELP eMagazine.

If this is your first time to visit the magazine and you would like to use it to assist you with a personal issue, then simply click on the words “If you are not sure which subject to choose” below. We will help you find the area where you are suffering the most or needing the most help.

If you have been here before and you still aren’t sure which word on the list fits your situation best, you probably need some additional information.

You may be struggling with or suffering from several of the problems shown in the pictures on the Home Page. This can keep you from knowing which one is your major issue.

If you will click on the “If you are not sure which subject to choose” sentence below, it will give you some helpful hints for each of the “HELP” words or the “HELP” pictures on the Home Page. To get back to HELP eMagazine’s Home Page, just scroll to the top of this page and click on the words with the black background, “HELP eMagazine” on the top blue bar.

I Know Where I Need Help
If you already know which word in the group of pictures on the Home Page that is the area where you are struggling the most, then all you have to do is go back to the Home Page and click on one of the “HELP Pictures” in the group of HELP Pictures.

Just look the pictures over and pick the word in those pictures that best represents that area. It should be the area where you are having most of your problems or facing most of your difficulties. Once you do that, we will provide you with powerful and exciting answers for your life.

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