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The “RESOURCE” Studies
From time to time you will discover that you will have special needs for resources to help you accomplish certain goals and meet certain needs. This section provides you with some additional choices and programs that you may wish to take advantage of. These resource pages are courses you can add to your studies. They are to provide you with resources to help you in areas where you feel you need additional help. You can skip any of them, add them as additional studies, or stop your other studies and spend time with them for awhile.

This group has four resources called, “The Lord’s Prayer For Salvation,” “Praying The Psalms,” “Christian Fellowship,” “Developing Friendships,” and “Books, Prayer Studies, And Worksheets.” These are resources that can help you in the future as you are going through the rest of your studies. They can assist you in getting help with the “life” issue you chose to work on in HELP eMagazine. And, they can help you have downloadable materials, as you start sharing with your friends.

The Lord’s Prayer For Salvation
This is presented here for you to use in cases where you need to help a friend with getting their power-life. It is a time for you to study how to help someone become a Christian BEFORE you actually need the training. In other words, it is important to involve yourself in this study so you will be ready when an opportunity comes your way.

Praying The Psalms
This is a study that is vital to your relationship with God. Talking to Him and Him talking with you is a part of the three keys to all of Christianity. This study helps you be able to understand not only how to talk to your heavenly Father, it actually gives you valuable information and examples.

David was a man after God’s own heart. His ability to pray was a work of art and an intimate communication with God. He would come to God with his problems and before the prayer was over, he would be praising God for the answer. God would respond to the beginning of David’s prayer and David would praise God with the truths God had just given him.

Healing A Damaged Heart
We all have wounds. Many of those wounds have been shut off from God and even ourselves. Time doesn’t heal. It just buries the problem and obscures its influence from our mind. Our heart is still damaged; but, we often can’t pinpoint the location of the pain. Here the Psalms are being used to bring all the past and present wounds before God. Issue by issue they are being presented to God so He can heal them. Every closed door is being opened up and God is being invited in. A request is being made to God asking for healing for each damaged area. By the time the prayer is over, God has healed that area and has supplied miracles in its place.
Prayer Illustrations And Examples
We have placed our prayer under each verse and have expressed the issues from our heart. As we go down each verse, we read it and then take the subject expressed and either put it in our own words or we create a prayer on the same subject.
We are using each verse to help us look down into our own heart and see what God is trying to deal with for that moment. If we came back and went over the same verses at another time, we would probably write down different prayer issues. It all has to do with us getting the heart concerns that are buried there out before God. This procedure brings subjects expressed in the Psalms before us and encourages us to consider whether or not they express heart damage lodged in our heart. If we weren’t using the Psalms, we might not ever think about praying for that particular subject.

Shape The Prayer For Your Own Needs
The words below each verse may or may not express your individual situation. However, you can still use the example to show you how to develop your own prayer. Feel free to use this material in any way that is helpful to you. Even if it is a source for you to disagree with, it has served a purpose. Use it or create one of your own for each Psalm. You will most likely find this system to be a real blessing to you. It can help you pray and allow God to talk back to you. Let Him heal, bless, and inspire you to a whole new method of prayer and meditation.

Christian Fellowship
This is a study that helps you make sure you find people who will be a blessing and a spiritual help to you. Most Christians meet in some small group, Christian organization, or church. However, you may come in contact with Christians as you go about the course of your normal life. It is vital that you be able to evaluate these people so you can decide how much of an influence you will allow them to have on you.

The second aspect of this study is to help you find a church that will provide you with spiritual support. There are all kinds of churches and all kinds of congregations. It is VERY important that you find the kind of people, congregation, and church that help you continue to grow and mature spiritually.

Developing Friendships
As you grow spiritually and start wanting to share some of the successes with others, you may want to start developing special relationships with those around you. This study gives you a way to go about your normal day and start developing new friendships with other people.

If you want to help others, it is a matter of you having a special love and purpose in your heart to help them. However, this study helps you find those who need help AND want help. Rather than just going about your day and ignoring the potential of developing friendships, you will be able to reach out to certain people and help them.

Downloadable Materials
Books, Prayer Studies, And Worksheets
This section gives you direct access to all the books, prayers, prayer studies, and worksheets provided on this website. They are in PDF format so you can download any of them. Many of these resources and materials are mixed into the pages of the courses. If you wanted to get a copy, it can often be difficult remembering were you saw it. This section makes it possible for you to come here and get any books, prayers, prayer studies, or worksheets you need.

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