Finding The Right Spiritual Help

Learning How To Test Your Self
Welcome to a program that helps you find out where you need spiritual help. The test we will be helping you give yourself involves you examining your weaknesses, difficulties, struggles, and even failures. In other words, we will be working together to visit areas of your life where you need God’s power.

Let’s take a look at God’s strategy for helping you take advantage of His power. First, you will be experiencing His power to set you free from any life problems and issues that are trying to defeat you. Victorious Christian living always starts with learning how to defeat any kind of difficulties or problems you are currently having to deal with; that is the first part of God’s strategy.

Wonderful Things For Your Future
Once you are well on your way to being victorious over life’s struggles, you will be ready to start getting the blessings, joy, and happiness God provides.

What is being said is, the second part of God’s strategy is to help you concentrate on how to get His blessings, joy, and happiness in your life. These God-given pleasures will not only drive out any pain, confusion, frustration, or inconveniences caused by problems and difficulties of life, they will become your most dominate emotion.

From Healing To Victorious Living
A lot of people are in so much pain, they would be extremely happy with just getting rid of that pain. However, God has a lot more to offer than just the absence of pain or life’s struggles. He has a way of life to offer you that is filled with love, joy, peace, and satisfaction.

So, whether you are in a lot of pain and struggles or you are just needing minor help with some spiritual issues, let’s get you started living the Victorious Life by looking at some important issues.

Learning What To Look For
The purpose of “Finding The Right Spiritual Help” is to get you ready for the decisions you will need to make in “Finding The Right Relationship.” In order to get you ready for these decisions, we will be looking at the major spiritual issues you will need to examine in your heart and life. You and God will be working together to help you discover how to choose the studies that will help you grow spiritually.

This study will show you how to examine your own spiritual level and decide what you need next. If you are able to learn what to look for within the personal successes and failures in your life, you will see what spiritual truths are missing. You will be ready to diagnose your self and come up with a powerful plan that will lead you into greater and greater success in life.

The Two Page System
One of the number one causes of spiritual struggles is the lack of time to be able to do what it takes to get what you need from God. If the challenges of life crowd out your relationship with your heavenly Father, then you will start having real problems with your successes in life.

For those who have a very busy life, we have divided this study into a two page, three day study. By following this simple plan of two pages of study a day for three to five days a week, you will have made great spiritual progress at the end of a year.

However, if you wish to go through it at a faster pace, you can go on to the next day’s study. Just go at the pace that best fits your lifestyle.

After you have read the information about “Finding The Right Relationship,” in the right column, you can get started by selecting the gray button below entitled “Finding The Right Spiritual Help.” It will take you to your three days of study for this week.
Finding The Right Relationship

Your Relationship With God
This study is for those who have gone through the three day study “Finding The Right Spiritual Help.” Finding The Right Relationship assists you in being able to evaluate your spiritual level AND choose the courses of study that will meet that spiritual need. It helps you look over the programs that are being offered in HELP eMagazine and eliminate those that cover areas you don’t need. It also helps you get involved in those studies that you feel will help you in your spiritual development. It does this by explaining each program and then letting you pick the one you need to start with.

Once you know what you are looking for through the training in “Finding The Right Spiritual Help”, you are ready to give your self some spiritual tests found in “Finding The Right Relationship.” It will give you information about all the studies available to you, you will then be able to take that information and compare it with your own spiritual needs. You will be ready to start deciding which spiritual training classes will be best for you.

Progressive Training
As you know, the studies in HELP eMagazine are presented in a spiritual progressive level. In other words, you will get the information on the basic studies, then the intermediate studies, and then the more advanced studies. Each course of study is based on the information and the assignments of the ones before them.

Your relationship with God needs to be based on you and Him working together on the issues you are struggling with. Those spiritual things that are causing you trouble are the first things you and God will be able to build a relationship around. As He helps you with and heals you from your greatest spiritual weaknesses, you will able to experience His love, grace, mercy, and power more and more. You and He will build a greater relationship, as He heals you and blesses your life.

Your Spiritual Level
Once you know what your major spiritual problem is and what kind of help you need to solve it, you then need to know which HELP eMagazine study you should take. Your relationship with God has to do with you having the power to learn, understand, and be able to apply the principles you will be exposed to. Without God’s power-relationship with you, you will find your spiritual problems too difficult to deal with.

This study will help you discover where you need help on a spiritual level. Your spiritual level has everything to do with your power level. And, your power level has everything to do with your success over your spiritual problems. It is vital that we not put pressure on you to solve your own problems. Your spiritual problems will quickly become manageable, once you and God start working together on them.

    Discovering Your Spiritual Power Level
  • If you are considering starting a relationship with God, then we need to help you with that. If you are beginning to explore the possibility of establishing a relationship with God, we will show you how that will help you win over your other problems in life.

  • If you have already established a relationship with God but it is a new relationship, we can help you take your current way of living and lay it out before your heavenly Father. He will be able to help you grow in your and His relationship; He will work together with you to teach you how to have power to deal with the various issues and struggles in your life.

  • If you have been a Christian for a long time and feel you already have a close and meaningful relationship with your heavenly Father, we can help you continue to grow and gain even more power to win over the things you face in life. You will be able to learn more advanced Biblical principles that God will use to make you stronger and more victorious.

If you are ready to find out which spiritual study to take, please select “Finding The Right Spiritual Help” in the gray bar at the top or bottom of this page.

Recording Your Progress
To keep track of where you last studied, please download and print the record sheet called “My Spiritual Growth Record,” if you haven’t already printed it. It will help you remember what you have already completed and what to study next.

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