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Overcoming Issues With Divorce
Welcome to a wonderful journey into the life you have always been dreaming of. You are entering into the principles provided by your heavenly Father for all His children. No matter what you have tried so far, you will find that God has the very best solution available to you.

You are about to discover that He loves you more than you love yourself; He knows how to help you with your issues with divorce; He wants the very best for you; and He will never allow the very best to be withheld from you.

What Is It Going To Take?
We are providing you with a two-page-a-day system that will bring great blessings to you without dominating your life. All you will need to do is come back here for a short period of time each day. By doing this for only five days each week, you will learn powerful concepts that will teach you how to deal with divorce. Just start with “Understanding The Problem,” then go to “Understanding The Solution,” after that start “Understanding Your Heavenly Father,” and then move into “Talking With Your Heavenly Father.”

If you follow this five day, two page a day program, by the end of a year, you will have all the tools you need to not only be able to win over the problems with divorce, you will be much more successful at life. By just reading two pages a day for five days each week, your life will be set up for success without you having to make major changes in the way you live.
Tracking Your Progress
The important thing for you to be able to do is be able to get back here the next day. We have made up a page for you to either read here on the website or print up so you can follow it. It is called: “My Healing Progress Record;” if you print it up, you will be able to mark off the material you have read already.

The “My Healing Progress Record” lists the name of the material you are about to read for this week. And it lists the additional material available for next week and the weeks that follow. It gives you instructions for how to fill it out so you can keep a record of your progress. And, it makes sure you know the best way to get back to where you left off the day or week before.

Getting Back Here
Please select the sentence below that says: “My Life Success Record” so you can read the information on it. If you can, please go ahead and print it so you can know what you have already accomplished and what you will need to read next.

We are praying for you that your heavenly Father will bless you in a special way. We have been following His leadership and yielding to His love for you. He has helped us take His principles from the Bible and put them together in such a way that it will be easy for you to get your needs met from Him.

Please start with
“Understanding The Problem”
if you are just beginning to read this material.

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