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Three Steps Of Discovery
In order for Jesus to help you deal with the problem or issue that is bothering you the most in life, you need to discover three things about yourself. To do that, Jesus has provided you with three Discovery studies; the first one is “Finding The Right Problem;” the second one is “Finding The Right Study;” and the third one is “Finding The Right Relationship.” Let’s take a look at what Jesus will be helping you DISCOVER:

  1. Finding The Right Problem: Jesus will be helping you discover what your major life-problem is.

  2. Finding The Right Study: Jesus will be helping you discover what study you should take to solve it.

  3. Finding The Right Spiritual Training: Jesus will be helping you discover where you are in your relationship with Him so you have the power to solve it.
Let’s take a quick look at these three Discovery Studies.

Discovery Courses
Winning Over All Your Problems
In “Finding The Right Problem” Jesus will help you identify the major problem that is causing you the most trouble. Then in “Finding The Right Study” He will help you match your major problem with the study that deals with that issue. After that in “Finding The Right Relationship” He will show you how to look to Him for His help and power. Jesus wants to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed in life.

Finding The Right Problem
What Do You Want Jesus To Help You With?
This is Discovery Course one; Jesus helps those who are not sure, to be able to:
  • Pinpoint the major thing that is doing the most damage.
  • Identify the problem that is causing most of the other problems.
  • Decide which problem needs to be worked on first.

Finding The Right Study
Matching Your Major Problem To A Study
This is Discovery Course two; Jesus helps you be able to:
  • Make sure the study matches your major issue.
  • Narrow the studies down to one study.
  • Understand that you don’t have to be too precise in your selection.
Finding The Right Spiritual Training
Your Relationship With Jesus
This is Discovery Course three; Jesus helps you find out where you are in your spiritual journey by working with you in three courses:
  1. “Learning About The Power-Life”
  2. “Getting The Power-Life”
  3. “Keeping The Power-Life.”

Jesus uses this three course study with those who have discovered which problem is bothering them the most; and, which study to take to solve it. Once Jesus has helped you know what these two things are, you are ready to join Him in taking this course.

Your relationship with Jesus needs to be based on you and Him working together on the issues you are struggling with. Those things that are causing you trouble are the first things you and He will be able to build a relationship around. As He helps you with and heals you from your major problem, you are able to experience His love, grace, mercy, and power. You and He will continue to build a special relationship, as He heals you and blesses your life.

Your Spiritual Level
You and Jesus need to decide where you are spiritually. Your relationship with Him has to do with you having the power to learn, understand, and be able to apply the principles you will be exposed to. Without His power-relationship with you, you will find your problems too difficult to deal with.

This three course study will help you work together with Jesus to discover where you need help on a spiritual level. Your spiritual level has everything to do with your power level. And, your power level has everything to do with your success over your problems. It is vital that you not be pressured to solve your own problems. Your problems will quickly become manageable, once you and Jesus start working together on them. Please select the navigation words “Finding The Right Problem” below.

Recording Your Progress
To keep track of where you last studied,
please download and print the record sheet called “My Power Growth Record.”
It will help you remember what you have already completed
and what to study next.

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