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This is a look at general life’s problems we typically go through.

This study deals with reoccurring negative and hurtful feelings of guilt that have been created by mistakes we have made in life.

We will be looking at the emotional issue of fear and will be looking at the circumstances that cause people to be afraid.

If the major problem you face is the empty, dissatisfied feeling of being alone and without true friends, then this is the study you need.

Depression is different from just feeling down and discouraged. It is more like an attitude that dominates your feelings about everything.

You feel like it wouldn’t do any good to try to solve any of the problems and challenges you face. You just can’t seem to feel like your efforts would do any good.

It is an anger problem when we start reacting or responding to feelings of anger in a hurtful way. If we get mad and then hurt someone emotionally or physically because of it, then it is a serious problem.

When we start getting loans or establishing credit for too many things, that is a good indication that we have a problem with money. If your monthly payments become greater than your income, then you are in trouble.

But, it may also be an issue where uncontrollable circumstances have come your way. This study comes from various different directions as it deals with financial difficulties.

Addiction is a place where something we involved our self in starts to take control of our decisions. Even if you sincerely believe you are able to quit any time you want, you may have become addicted.

If you feel pain or negative emotions when you try to discontinue some activity, you are probably addicted to it. If you keep thinking about the pleasure you get from something and are frequently being pulled in, you probably need this study.

This isn’t a study about whether or not you should get a divorce. It is looking at the emotional crisis that takes place when a person is already divorced.

If you are divorced or separated but are trying to get back together, then this study will be helpful in showing you a way to build a happy and meaningful relationship with your spouse.

If you are still together and are struggling with your marriage and are needing God’s help in making it a better relationship, then this study will show you how to resolve your conflicts without hurting one another. It will show you how to address issues without making issues the main focus in your marriage.


This study helps those who are willing to use God’s principles to bring as much healing as is possible to the family.

All of the above studies are about human problems and pain. It is possible that you are not suffering so much with your own emotions or with human relationships as you are suffering with your relationship with God.

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