The RESOURCE Materials
For Life Issues

These are a collection of resources
that can be used in many different situations.
They can be added to those things
you are already using to grow spiritually
and to help others grow spiritually.

The “RESOURCE” Material And Courses
From time to time you will discover that you will have special needs for resources to help you accomplish certain goals and meet certain needs. This section provides you with some additional choices and programs that you may wish to take advantage of. These resources are both digital books and online courses that help you and your friends add them to your devotions and studies. They are to help you in areas where you feel you or your friends need additional help.

What Is The Easy Life-Growth System?
Jesus knows you and your friends have busy schedules and can’t just give up your life so as to keep growing spiritually. So, Jesus has helped develop life-growth studies and prayers from the Bible. They benefit relationships such as dating, marriage, family, friendships, business, and career development. They also deal with Scriptures on financial success and emotional breakthroughs. And they provide salvation studies and special spiritual growth studies for a better relationship with Jesus.

However, your friend may not have time to get their issues worked on. That is why Jesus has provided you and your friend with two ways of getting His training principles you need. Your two choices are, “A Chapter A Day” from special books and “Two Pages A Day” studies online.

“A Chapter A Day” is a powerful personal growth system with printable books having two to three pages per chapter.

“Two Pages A Day” is a study system presented online with two pages of material for each day.

These two systems provide you and your friend with a way of reaching your life-success goals through just two to three pages a day five days a week.

A Chapter A Day Through Books
With this study, you would set aside a time to read a chapter each day for five days each week. The first day would contain two to three pages of Jesus’ Biblical information. The second day would contain two to three pages of prayers to Jesus asking Him to put His Biblical principles in your life.

Two Pages A Day Through The Website
All the online courses are in a two-page-a-day system. The first page would be a Biblical study. The second page will provide prayers to Jesus asking Him to put those Biblical principles in your life. You do this for five days each week. This type program typically fits into most people’s lifestyle and schedule. If you decide to take one of the online courses, be sure to get your copy of “My Salvation Growth Record.” It not only helps you keep track of where you left off, it has instructions for getting back to your study.

Select This For Your Copy Of
“My Salvation Growth Record”

Please Choose The Resource You Want

Please select this blue TITLE to the salvation resource list.
This course and printable material are provided for you to use to help a friend with getting their power life through salvation. It is a resource for you to study how to help someone become a Christian. It should be studied BEFORE you need it. In other words, it is important to involve yourself in this course so you will be ready when an opportunity comes your way.

Please select this blue TITLE to the prayer resource list.
This is a course and printable material that are vital to you and your friend’s relationship with God. Talking to Him and Him talking with you is a part of the three keys to all of Christianity--Ask, Seek, and Knock (Mat 7:7-11). This study helps you be able to understand not only how to talk to your heavenly Father, Jesus actually uses it to give you valuable information and examples for what to pray, how to pray, and when to pray.

Please select this blue TITLE to the fellowship resource list.
This is a course and printable material that help you and your friends make sure you find people who will be a blessing and a spiritual help to you. Most Christians meet in some small group, some Christian organization, or a church. However, you may come in contact with Christians as you go about the course of your normal life. It is vital that you and your friends be able to evaluate these people so you can decide how much of an influence you will allow them to have on you.

Please select this blue TITLE to the friendship resource list.
As you and your friends grow spiritually and start wanting to share some of the successes with others, you and they may want to start developing special relationships with those around you. This course and printable material give you and your friends a way to go about your normal day and start developing new friendships with other people.

If you and your friends want to help others, it is a matter of you having a special love and purpose in your heart to help them. However, this study helps you find those who need help AND want help. Rather than just going about your day and ignoring the potential of developing friendships, you will be able to reach out to certain people and help them. Jesus will show you when to reach out, who to develop a friendship with, and what to say to them.

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