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Based On True Stories

Here Are Some Stories That Deal With Major
Types Of Problems We All Experience.
These stories have been put under the category that best describes the problems that, that particular person or people went through. They are based on real people who have gone through the same or similar difficulties you are going through.

We hope and are praying that they help you realize you aren’t alone and that your problems aren’t unique. You are like us; and you can get the same help we have been able to get. We will be adding new stories; so, keep checking back periodically.

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LIFE: Life Has A Way Of Hurting, Challenging, And Confusing Us. We Are All Going Through Life For The First Time. It Is Helpful To Take A Look At Some Other People As They Faced Life’s Challenges And Discovered Wonderful Answers For How To Win At It. Here Is A Story That Deals With GENERAL LIFE Problems:

    I Made A Bad Choice

GUILT: Below Is A Story That Addresses The Struggles People Have With GUILT:

    I’ve Done A Lot Of Bad Things

FEAR: Here Is A Story That Will Give You Some Insights That Will Help You Deal With The Torment Caused By FEAR:

    My Fears Came True

LONELINESS: This Story Will Give You Guidance Toward Breaking The Hold That Loneliness Has Over You. You Will Be Able To Identify With Some Of The Ways They Felt As They Struggled And Won Over The Pain Of LONELINESS:

    I Tried Sex To Help Me

DEPRESSION: The People In These Stories Know How Powerful Depression Can Be; And They Want To Help You Out Of It. Let Their Story Help You See That You Too Can Be Set Free From DEPRESSION:

    I Tried It All

    I Felt Empty All The Time

HOPELESSNESS: These People In These Stories Thought They Had Tried Everything And Ended Up With Hopelessness; But, They Found Out That They Hadn’t Tried Everything. These People Found A Way Out Of Their HOPELESSNESS:

    I Tried It All

    Disappointments Kept Coming

ANGER: Here Are Some People That Couldn’t Control Their Anger. They Hurt Themselves And They Hurt People They Loved. They Will Give You The Way Out Of These Issues With ANGER:

    I Couldn’t Make It Work

    I Had A Fire Burning In My Heart

FINANCE: This Story Covers Many Of The Ways People Have Run Up Their BILLS. However They Discovered How To Control Their Finances And You Can Too. A Lot Of People Have Faced Similar Problems With FINANCES:

    We Lived Above Our Means

ADDICTION: This Person Found Out That Addictions Take Away Your Choices. They Too Tried, Promised, Determined, And Failed To Do What They Wanted To Do. But, There Is A Way To Defeat ADDICTION:

    It Wasn’t My Life Anymore

DIVORCE: Some Of The People Cause The Divorce. Others Are Forced Into Divorce. No Matter What Your Situation Is, Divorce Is A Life Destroyer. You Can Be Healed From The Effects Of DIVORCE:

    I Didn’t Know How To Pick A Spouse

MARRIAGE PROBLEMS: Marriage Isn’t Always Easy; Love Helps Couples Head In The Right Direction; But, It Doesn’t Heal All The Wounds And Answer All The Questions. Marital Issues Come Against All Marriage Partners. This Story Will Address These Problems From A Lot Of Different Directions. Let It Show You, You Are Not Alone As You Deal With MARRIAGE PROBLEMS: \

    We Really Loved Each Other

CHILD RAISING: Parents End Up With Children To Raise And Face Issues They Never Thought Possible. The Problem Can Be With The Parents, The Children, Or Both. These Stories Will Look At All Kinds Of Struggles Parents Have With Children And Children Have With Parents. It Is All A Part Of CHILD RAISING:

    I Didn’t Have Time For The Kids

SPIRITUAL ISSUES: Most People Don’t Know It, But, All Problems Have Their Roots In Spiritual Issues. If We Get Our Spiritual Problems Solved, We Will Get All Our Other Problems Solved. These Stories Will Show Us How Important Spiritual Principles Are To All The Rest Of Our Life. Now Is A Good Time To Take A Look At SPIRITUAL ISSUES:

    I Tried Buddhism And Witchcraft

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