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Some Helpful Hints
Choosing Your Life Map
Each problem and relating study subject has its own Life Map. Therefore, before we can develop a special Life Map for you, we need to know which study you should go to.

Subjects For Problems
Above you will find a gray Shortcut Bar with the names of the typical problems people face in life. They are also the names of studies that address these same issues. You can click or tap on the name of the problem you want to study the solutions to and it will give you Your Life Map that will help you with that subject.

Getting Special Help
If you are not sure which word to select, please go back to the HELP eMagazine Home Page and read the information in the area with the light green border or background; it will help you know which area to pick. Once you pick an area that is bothering you the most, it will develop you your own personal Life Map.
Ready To Choose
If you know which study you need but aren’t sure which Shortcut Button to click on (if you are using a mouse), you can hold your mouse cursor over any of the words on the Shortcut Buttons in the gray bar above and the full name will appear.

Lots Of Small Issues
The “Life” study is a general study that you can use to check the HELP eMagazine system out. Once you select the Life word, it will take you to a general look at life’s problems. And develop you your Life Map for that general study.

Repeat This Process
You can always click on The Life Map button on HELP eMagazine’s Home Page and it will bring you back here; but, the best way is to use the Shortcut Bar on HELP eMagazine’s Home Page. It is there so you can quickly go to your same Life Map for the study you want to keep coming back to. All other methods will keep taking you back to the first page of the study; but, you can always go to The Life Map there.

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