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Meet Our Family!

Kari, Ed, and Family

Kari, our oldest daughter, and Ed Smith her husband, have been following Christ and His principles since their youth.  Like every married couple they have had issues in their 20+ years of marriage.  After turning to the Bible as their guide for life they have seen the fullness that comes from applying it to their lives.  Ed and Kari have been wise in their finances, and are a great Mom and Dad.  Kari has been Senior Vice President in the corporate world and has received several awards.  She is currently writing a blog that expresses the wonderful things of God.  Ed has been worship pastor in several churches.  He is committed to the Music Ministry and is busy writing new praise and worship songs.

Ashley, their daughter, has her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and is active in her church Singles group.  She works in the human resource area for a company in Virginia.  She, Sam, and Kari are doing devotions together over the internet.

Trey skipped a grade and has graduated from high school.  He is currently working for an international property management company.

Sam, Mark, and Family
Sam, our youngest daughter and Mark Senitz her husband, have also been following Christ since their youth.  They also went through some rough patches in their married life of 20+ years; but, after going over the Biblical principles step-by-step and using them in their marriage, they have been able to solidify their relationship and consider each other their best friend.  Learning to communicate and working on relationships, as taught in God’s Word, has greatly influenced them in this process and proves the relevancy of the Bible in their everyday lives.  As with many other couples, during their college years they fell into the credit card trap and found themselves in serious debt.  Once again they searched God’s Word and godly counsel and with some major sacrifices have made great strides in cleaning up this debt.

Tyler is their oldest son.  He also skipped a grade, graduated high school and is going to college in Colorado.  He has a love for music and plays the guitar.  He is active in his church.

Drew is an “A” student and a delight to all those around him.  He has moved to Colorado to join his brother in going to college. He also has a love for music and plays the guitar.  He is very active in his church.

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