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Mel And Christy Westbrook
Bible Counselor Mel and Christy Westbrook are leaders that love working to help people with their hurts, needs, and advancements in spiritual growth.  Mel has been a Bible counselor for over 40 years and a pastor for 23 years.  He and Christy have been in the ministry for over 45 years.  They love people and make themselves available to those who want to experience the love and healing power of Jesus.

Bible Principles Are Working For Us
Along with my formal education, a Master of Bible Theology degree, I also believe that Christy’s and my marriage and our family are a large part of the qualifications and credentials we have.   Let me introduce you to all of us.   But first, let me introduce you to Christy and I.

They Have Worked In Our Life And Marriage
My wife, Christy, and I have benefited from Bible Life Principles for more than 60 years as individuals and more than 50 years of marriage.   We have had many ups and downs during those years but we always turned toward God and His Word for the answers we needed.   We used them as we raised two daughters who are now married and have children of their own.
They Have Worked In Our Businesses
We have also applied these same principles in our careers throughout the years, in our financial considerations, and in our sole proprietorships.   THEY CAN BE APPLIED TO EVERY AREA OF LIFE!

They Have Worked In Our Church
And Counseling Ministry
In the Pastoral and Teaching ministry for over 40 years I have had the privilege of counseling individuals and couples who are now benefiting from God’s Word which teaches Bible Life Principles.

We spent 1 year working and counseling at Dallas, Texas Teen Challenge; we pastored and counseled in Ada, Oklahoma for 2 years; we acquired further training and counseled for 2 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma; we pastored, taught, and counseled in Monterey, California for 20 years; we were involved in teaching and counseling for 17 years in Dallas, Texas; we counseled for 3 years in Estero, Florida; and we pastored and counseled in Du Quoin, Illinois for 1.5 years.  

They Have Worked In Everything We Do
We have also been a part of the corporate world as owner/proprietors of our own companies.  We are proud members of Summit Church in Estero, Florida and have our ordination with them.  We participated in the Infinity Alliance Ministry, Small Group Ministry, and Kingdom Mobilization Ministry there in Estero, Florida.  We are currently living in a house in Estero, Florida during the winter and traveling in our motorhome during the summer while working on all the ministries on this website.  

They Will Work For You
We are taking all the Biblical concepts that have transformed our lives and ministry, our family’s lives and ministries, and have transformed hundreds of other people’s lives and ministries, and placed them all in this website. We want you to have all the wonderful things of God that He has given us.

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