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Jesus Lived A Different Kind Of Life
Jesus used His position and power to heal, teach, and bless the lives of all who came to Him for help. He didn’t take over the government or anyone’s life. He gave us all a free will and then honored that will in everyone He came in touch with.

His teachings are incredible! They touch the very core of our being. Those who followed Him became loving, caring, and helping people that were able to have a great impact on the world around them.
What we are suggesting to everyone is a trip back to the life, message, ministry, and methods of Jesus in the Gospels. We need to sit at His feet and learn from Him. He is our great example and we need to allow Him to tell us how to live His kind of life, present His kind of message, do His kind of ministry, and use His kind of methods.

We also need to allow Him to tell us how He wants us to share all of this with our world. We need His help and our world desperately needs it too.

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