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Jesus’ World Changers Strategy
God and His Word, the Bible, are the answers to all our, our friends, and our world’s needs. Even though it sounds like an impossible statement, you can change the people of this world just by living a life that is empowered by Jesus. He will make you the “right kind” of influence on those around you.

If your life becomes so wonderful that you are filled with joy and excitement, it will impact many of those around you. They will start doing what you are doing so they can have what you have. If the principles of your life become so powerful and transforming that people can see the victorious life you are living, they will start submitting to Biblical principles for their life.
It Just Takes One Match
Just like one match can light some curtains and burn an entire house down, you can be the match that sets the whole world on fire with the love and healing power of Jesus Christ. You just need to get involved in the methods that Jesus set in motion which will start heading you in the right direction.

If God can use you to show what He can do in others, the miracles He works in you will be the proof people need to start trusting Him for their lives. Here are the things that can so change your life that they help large quantities of people seek God’s power for their lives. Jesus has done this for us; and He is willing to do them for all who will yield to Him.

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