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This exciting program takes the Sermons For Life messages and adds special applications to each series of study. This is superior to the Sermons For Life program in that it helps you apply these Biblical principles on a daily basis to your personal, spiritual needs.

You will be able to listen to a very short message segment, examine notes that will be provided for you, jot down things Jesus is speaking to your heart, and spend time talking with Him about these issues in your life.

If you want to check it out now, just click on the “Devotions With Jesus” words at the top of this column. It will take you to the introduction page that will explain how to use these devotions so you can experience Biblical principles from Jesus that heal you and bring success in your life. You will always be able to access these devotions from the World Changers home page by clicking on the word “Devotions” at the top of that page.
This wonderful program helps you learn how to start having conversations with your heavenly Father. Once you get the new life, you become a child of God. Once you become a child of God, you immediately inherit special rights and privileges from your heavenly Father.

One of the things you need to learn is how to establish your relationship with Him through prayer. He wants to carry on special conversations with you so you can get all the things you need. This study will help you learn how to approach God and how to ask Him for the provisions that will heal your heart and your life.

Just click on the “Home” button at the top of this page and then click on the “Prayer” button there or you can click on the title “Talking With Your Father” words at the top of this column.

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