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Jesus uses “Bible Life University” to make sure you have Biblical training and the power to live every aspect of your life victoriously. And, He uses it to make sure you know how to help all those hurting and desperate people around you. Please read the material below carefully and prayerfully so you can see what He would like to help you with.

Bible Life University Has Three Years Of Biblical Training

BLU is providing you with three years of Biblical, spiritual training on how to be a friend to those around you, how to be a mentor to those who what your help, how to be a minister to desperate, hurting people, and ultimately how to make a real difference in the world around you as a world changer.

But, it doesn’t take over your life. It doesn’t require that you drop everything and just study and work in BLU. Jesus wants you to learn how to be studying, praying, believing, and living out His Word without you having to separate it from the rest of your life’s activities.
Rather than you studying, training, and being tested in a classroom, you will be learning things that will help transform your life WHILE you are sharing with your friends the victories God is giving you.

You won’t be learning things that you will just need to know so you can pass some tests, you will be studying things that have a wonderful and powerful effect on your and your friends’ everyday lives. As you take those things that are working for you and share them with your friends, you are helping them from a tried-and-proven way of life.

There Are Two Things Jesus Would Like You To Check Out
BLU BENEFITS: The first thing Jesus would like to share with you is what the benefits are for involving yourself in Bible Life University. Jesus will use this section to help you and your friends see all the wonderful things the Scriptures presented in Bible Life University can do for you. Jesus will help you be the very best at living life and helping hurting people. As Jesus takes you through this section of BLU, He will help you develop your goals for life. He will help you take advantage of Bible based tools that will serve you, your friends, and God in the best way possible. To go to this section you can select the title of this paragraph or the words “BLU Benefits” in the blue bar at the top of this page.

BLU INTRODUCTION: In this section, Jesus will help you understand the way BLU has been put together. He will give you a quick look at the three years of BLU and explain what they do. He will also help you understand the purpose of BLU and the Biblical system that has shaped its developement. He will help you get familiar with the goals, philosophies, doctrines, and systems of God that are presented in BLU. To go to this section you can select the title of this paragraph or select the words “BLU Introduction” in the blue bar at the top of this page.

BLU Benefits BLU Introduction
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How Do I Get Started?
If you have already gone through The Benefits and The Introduction and want to get started, just select “Beginning: Year One,” “Growing: Year Two,” or “Maturing: Year Three” and they will take you directly to that year’s courses. You are being prayed for that God will bless you and help you be the very best you can be through the life and ministry of Jesus.

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