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Bible Life University Beginning: Year One Beginning Courses WCTLC Start Page Table Of Contents
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How To Get Places

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Special Features and Devotional Training
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“Beginning: Year One”
You Are A Student/Mentor
The objective of Beginning: Year One is for you to let Jesus train you on how to be a mentor to your friends. As a mentor, Jesus will assist you in using Devotions With Jesus to help your friends grow spiritually. Devotions With Jesus is a powerful devotional program that helps your friends listen to an audio presentation, have devotional notes, and read a devotional comment each day for five days. Your friend’s devotions consist of a Two-Page-A-Day system for five days. This makes it easy for them to include devotions into their day.

Spiritual Growth Through Both Programs
As a student, Jesus will use Beginning: Year One to help you get ready to mentor your friends. While your friends are going through their devotions in the Devotions With Jesus program, your Beginning: Year One program will be taking you on a parallel journey with them. Your friends will select their devotions with the “Devotion” button. And, you will select your studies with the “BLU” button. Even though you and your friends are studying in different programs, you will be working together in a very special way.

Before you spend time in Devotions With Jesus, let Jesus explain to you how you will be helping your friends through your studies as they do their devotions:
  • The Review Pages: The Beginning: Year One program will give you access to your friend’s devotions through two Review Pages. Each devotion page your friends will read that week will show up one at a time during your daily studies. They will be displayed as your first and second pages in your studies.

  • The Study Page: Then you will go over a Study Page where Jesus will help you learn more about how to work with your friends.

  • The Prayer Page: On the fourth page you will invite Jesus into your studies, as you pray and ask Him to help you with that day’s mentoring process. As a student/mentor, Jesus will be teaching you how to help your friends grow in their relationship with Him. And, He will help you grow spiritually too.

Starting “Beginning: Year One”
The Special Features Program
There are two parts to helping you get acquainted with Beginning: Year One. They are presented in: “The Special Features” program. This program gives you hands-on experiences that familiarize you with how this all works. Your first time through The Special Features will be soon. You will get acquainted with it right away so you can go through it again with your friends.

Special Feature For Your Friends
Your friends will have a Special Features program for them to go through. As they are going through their “Special Features” introduction, you will be following along in your Beginning: Year One studies.
  1. You will get their pages to read on your Review Pages.

  2. Jesus will help you guide your friends through Devotions With Jesus’ special features by pointing out important information on your Study Page.

  3. And you will spend some time praying with your Prayer Page about those things Jesus showed you.

Your Special Features Program
In your look at your Special Features, you will not only see what the benefits of Devotions With Jesus are, you will be shown what the “Purpose” of Beginning: Year One is. And, Jesus will help you with the “Introduction” to Beginning: Year One. It is very important for you and Jesus to spend some time together going over these Special Features. He wants to train you in as a mentor to your friends. And, He wants to build a special relationship with you all during that time.

Jesus will use the Purpose study for showing you WHAT it will do for you and your friends. Then He will use the Introduction to show you HOW He will help you and your friends grow in Him.

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The Special Features Box
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Keeping A Record Of Your Progress
“My Beginning: Year One Record” sheets will help you with getting back to your next study. You can print it and it will help you keep track of where you are.

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Bible Life University Beginning: Year One Beginning Courses WCTLC Start Page Table Of Contents
Select “Beginning Courses” Words Above To Get An Introduction To All Courses

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