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The Special Features Of HELP eMagazine

As a regular participant in “Bible Life University” and a student of “Growing: Year Two,” you can access your studies in three ways.

1. You can select the words, “Growing Courses” in the blue bar above and they will take you to a quick explanation of all the courses you will be provided; and, it will let you go from there to the course you want to start.

2. You can select the “Table Of Contents” words in the blue bar above, and they will give you the course titles with the classes listed below them.

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These BLU NOTES will be interjected into the each part of the HELP eMagazine Home Page.
A segment of the HELP eMagazine Home Page will be presented for explanation with a BLU NOTE.
The purpose is to help you train your student in Growing: Year Two
(See the HELP eMagazine Home Page segment below).

You will be using the HELP eMagazine materials as tools for helping your friends.
Growing: Year Two will be using these BLU NOTES to train you on how to use these tools.

Your Ministry Tool Subjects
These subjects on the gray Shortcut Bar and in the HELP Pictures below are the tools you will be using to help friends with moderate to severe personal problems. They are the typical subjects that most of your friends will be facing. Whether or not you are suffering from one of these issues, you will still be able to assist others with breakthroughs in these areas. The Biblical principles found in these studies can be used to help you and to help others.
In Beginning: Year One, you were to only work with those who were going through similar things that you had breakthroughs in. In Growing: Year Two, you will be able to help people with problems you have never faced before. HELP eMagazine uses Scriptures that apply to all the moderate to severe issues people face. You are entering into a study that will help you not only be able to mentor individiuals, you will become a minister who is able to work with much more severe issues.

Please review the words in the green text boxes below titled “Nothing Seems To Work” and “Power Makes The Difference” and then read the BLU NOTE below them.

Life Guilt Fear Loneliness Depression Hopelessness Anger Money Addiction Divorce Marriage Children Temptation Spiritual
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We know what you’re going through!
Because we have gone through these things ourselves.

You can select the picture that represents the problem
that is bothering you the most.

Nothing Seems To Work
The main missing ingredient in most people’s lives and the programs they reach out to for help is the power or ability to be able to DO those things they are taught and desire to do. A lot of people already know what they want and know a lot about what they SHOULD be doing to get there. But, they lack the determination, the will, the drive, the stamina, the courage, or whatever they call it to be able to do what they need to do to win. We call that missing ingredient, POWER.









Power Makes The Difference
The word HELP in HELP eMagazine stands for Helping Everyone Live Powerfully. Learning how to get the power to do the things you need to do to win at life is just as important as learning what to do. Power principles are what HELP eMagazine is all about. Just click on the picture to your left that represents the area where you are struggling and it will take you to a study that can give you the power you need.














All of your friends have been exposed to various programs and systems of self-help. The Holy Spirit has been working with their conscience causing them to feel guilty for those things they have been doing to themselves and others that was wrong or bad. Their conscience and the words and actions of others have let them know what they should and should not be doing in their words and deeds toward other people. However, just like us when we were living in Romans 7:15-24, they lack the power of the Holy Spirit.
They have discovered that they simply do not have the power to get control over their thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Especially those people with moderate to severe problems have found that they are unable to make positive changes with such difficult issues. The two text boxes above concerning “Nothing Seems To Work” and “Power Makes The Difference” are introducing them into a brand new set of philosophies that are letting them know they will be receiving power to change those things that are controlling them.

Please, review the blue box below titled “HELP eMagazine Provides You With Wonderful Resources.” Review the resources and then read the BLU NOTE below.

HELP eMagazine Provides You With Wonderful Resources

  *People’s life stories that help you know you
    are not alone.

  *The answer to one of our biggest questions.

  *Powerful information that deals directly with
    what you are going through.

  *Power to be able to apply these life-changing

  *Resources that others have used that helped
    them get healing and victory.

  *Opportunities for you to share with others
    the wonderful successes you have gained.

You Can Select Any One Of These Resources Above
And It Will Take You To That Area



Now that you have had some time looking over the resources provided by HELP eMagazine and Bible Life University’s Growing: Year Two, let’s take a look at a little explanation for what they do.

The first Resource Picture and comment above are making special stories available to those who visit HELP eMagazine. These stories are presented in subject categories that guide the site visitors to people who have gone through similar difficulties that they are going through. You can use these stories to help your friends find hope with those things they are experiencing.

However, even though your story may be very different than your friend’s struggles, the main issue is the fact that you went through a very difficult situation and God came through for you. From here on, through the Scriptures used in Growing: Year Two, you will be trained on how to use any major problem from your life or the lives of other Christians to help your friend understand that God helps and heals those who put their trust in Him.

The second Resource Picture and comment take those who visit the site to a section where addictions and moderate to severe problems are addressed. It takes a look at the question, “Why am I struggling with a problem I can’t seem to defeat?” All those who will benefit from HELP eMagazine are people who realize they are trapped in some way. Whether it is a relationship, a financial issue, an emotional struggle, a physical problem, or simply a long series of bad decisions that have ended up hurting them, they have come to the place where they have realized that they need help from an outside source.

This Resource is a simple three page presentation that helps people realize that we all have these addictions, habits, struggles, and problems. It spends time letting them know that God is their answer and that they are going to get the help they need. It also lets them know that the materials on this website are and will continue to be free of all financial charges. But, they are told that they will have to pay a price of time and effort, if they want help.

The third Resource Picture and comment take those who visit the site to a section were they are helped to find the problem, struggle, or issue that is bothering them the most. However, it is one thing to identify what is a person’s greatest and most difficult problem, and, it is another thing to match it up with the program or system that provides the answers to it. This is a VERY important area that helps a person identify that issue that is bothering them the most. And, it helps them match it up with the material that will set them free.

It would be good for you to use it to go through your own personal issues and isolate the thing that is bothering you the most. If there is anything that needs to be addressed in your own life, you may need to go through the HELP eMagazine program and get it solved. If it is going to be a situation where you are trying to help someone with something you do not have the victory over yourself, then you will need to take care of the first aspects of it. However, due to the moderate to severe make up of the problem, it cannot be approached as one single issue; it actually has stages or levels to it.
When you are dealing with something that is a major problem in your own life, you can’t treat it like you would with the system in Beginning: Year One and Devotions With Jesus. Mentoring requires that you get the breakthrough on the whole mild to moderate problem before helping others. As you learn how to deal with moderate to severe problems, the difficulties in your own life have to be broken down into stages. As you get a breakthrough in the first stage of a moderate to severe problem, it makes you qualified to help someone with that stage of their moderate to severe issue.

The Fourth Resource Picture and comment take those who visit the site to a section were they are shown why they need to find out about salvation. It explains that the reason they can know what they should be doing and still not have the power to do it is because they lack the source or the knowledge of that power. This section helps the unsaved to understand the benefits and the steps into salvation. It helps the new and untrained Christians understand what they received when they were saved. And, it helps mentors and ministers know how to present the benefits and steps of the good news message.

This section of the website provides you and them with a lot of material concerning the benefits and the step-by-step instructions for how to accept Jesus as their Savior, Lord, and King. It is a very powerful and Biblically rich program for helping all your unsaved friends into the wonderful things of God; and it provide ministers with the procedures for explaining the need and presenting the steps into salvation.

The Fifth Resource Picture and comment take those who visit the site to a section were they are given an opportunity to get a “bird’s eye” view of all the programs and materials available to them. It discusses the fact that some people think they have become Christians because of some religious activity or because of something their parents did. It explains that we all have to be born again and why.

This section gives the resources in a spiritual growth order from pre-salvation to World Changer. It takes the person into a look at the programs and materials that are available to them. These programs and materials Biblically train and bring God’s power to a person. This then makes it possible for them to go from salvation to being able to help get the good news message out to the whole world.

The Sixth Resource Picture and comment take those who visit the site to a section were they are introduced to the three year training program of Bible Life University. It helps them learn how to mentor new and untrained Christians through Devotions With Jesus; as you know, this training is presented in Beginning: Year One. In year two, as you also know, they are taught how to minister to people with moderate to severe problems and issues through the material in HELP eMagazine.

Bible Life University takes the concepts of World Changers TLC and teaches Maturing: Year Three students how to change their world through the message, ministry, and method of Jesus. This is accomplished through spreading the message of Jesus by yielding to the ministry of Jesus while using His method of reaching the whole world. It teaches them how to become a World Changer and help teach everything Jesus taught to His first disciples.


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Life Guilt Fear Loneliness Depression Hopelessness Anger Money Addiction Divorce Marriage Children Temptation Spiritual
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