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Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of all the three years provided in Bible Life University (BLU). This will give you an overview of what they deal with and what kind of blessings, training, and empowerment you will be experiencing from God as you go through them.

Beginning: Year One
This year provides Bible training that helps you learn how to work with God so you will be able to take a person who is a NEW or UNTRAINED Christian and:
  1. Show them how to grow spiritually in their relationship with their heavenly Father,

  2. Share with them how to live the victorious Christian life through Jesus,

  3. Teach them how to share with others the breakthroughs God gives them.

Devotions For Growing Spiritually
The main thing that is missing in a lot of new and untrained Christians lives is daily devotions. If a Christian wants to be able to live a successful and victorious life every day of the week, they HAVE TO be learning how to get God’s help EVERYDAY. Even some of those who DO involve themselves in devotions are simply looking at a thought for the day or some random Biblical principle. They need devotions that will teach them how to walk and talk with God all day long.

God wants to be taking every new Christian into His Word each day and lead them into step by step Bible training that will help them learn how to work with Him so they can start improving the way they are living. We need His help with our moment-by-moment decisions and with our daily activities of life; GOOD QUALITY DAILY devotions will help us learn how to get His help .
We have to learn how to carry on special conversations with Him that help us grow in our relationship with Him and help us start living life the way it needs to be lived.

Devotions For Living Victoriously
All during this year you will be working with God as you take daily Devotions With Jesus and learn how to use it to help your friends develop their own relationship with God. They don’t know how to get His help as they make the decisions for their day. They don’t know how to get His power to help them avoid temptations that will damage their lives. The Scriptures in Devotions With Jesus and your mentoring will be so helpful in guiding them into praying. Rather than them just consulting their own brain or some untrained friend for guidance, you will help them learn how to consult God and be helped by Him all day long.

Devotions For Sharing With Others
Next, you and God will show them how to use Devotions With Jesus to help others establish a close relationship with God. Then God will start helping your friends begin sharing with their friends, so their friends will be able to use these Biblical principles to gain victories, make decisions, avoid life’s pitfalls, and get breakthroughs.

Devotions For You
All during this year, you will also have special devotions that are designed for you. God will be using the Scriptures in them to help you keep moving forward in your own relationship with your heavenly Father. Through Mentor Devotions, God will be helping you with your Bible knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; and He will be increasing them. All this will be happening WHILE you are working with God to help others start their journey into the great things of God.

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