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Bible Life University
We are excited that you are taking a look at all Bible Life University has to offer. There are three years of Bible training in Bible Life University that are designed to assist a Christian in spiritual maturity and sharing with others. For those who have just recently become Christians, we recommend you start with Devotions With Jesus and HELP eMagazine. God will use the Scriptures in them to help you get the successes and breakthroughs that you will be using in Bible Life University.

For those who have been a Christian for awhile, God takes the miracles, breakthroughs, and successes of life and provides you with Scriptures in BLU that assist you in sharing all God has done for you. God works with the Bible passages in Devotions With Jesus and HELP eMagazine to help you understand and live ALL of the provisions of salvation and spiritual growth. Then BLU adds more Scriptures to that Biblical training and God teaches you mentoring, ministering, and being a World Changer. For those who want to share these Christian-life concepts with those around you, God and you will work together to so you can learn the step-by-step procedures for helping them experience Christianity and the tremendous benefits it offers.

Your First Year’s Training
The first year of Bible Life University is called “Beginning.” It presents the Scriptures that deal with how to BEGIN sharing the miracles, breakthroughs, successes, and training you received from God through Devotions With Jesus. If you haven’t already gone through Devotions With Jesus, then you will need to spend some time getting acquainted with it first.

There will be two things you will need to learn from the Scriptures used in Devotions With Jesus. First, you need to know those Scriptures so you can make sure they are already being applied to your own life. Second, you will need to know them so Beginning: Year One can show you the steps that God and the Bible use for bringing miracles, breakthroughs, successes, and transformation to you and your friends.

Ready For Your Next Assignment
We all need to be involved in Bible devotions everyday. Rather than studying information that doesn’t prepare you for your day, Beginning: Year One offers the very things you, as a mature Christian and as a mentor, will need for the challenges of that day. After you have benefitted from the Scriptures in Devotions With Jesus and have STARTED getting victories and successes for your own life, you will need to allow God to show you when you will need the training of Beginning: Year One.

Beginning: Year One is ready to start providing you with the Biblical principles that show you how to do Devotions With Jesus with your friends. By providing you with the Bible passages you need through Mentor Devotions, you will be helped to continue growing in your relationship with God. If the Scriptures in Mentor Devotions are dealing with areas you are not ready for, then you need to spend some time with God finding out why.

Beginning: Year One will be taking the things God has done in your life and showing you how to yield to God so He can use them to help others. If you are still struggling and failing in most of the areas of your Christian life, then you may have a lot of information rather than transformation. Beginning: Year One isn’t a program that teaches you a whole lot of Biblical information so you can pass it on to others as information; it is ONLY dealing with transformation.

Let’s say you went to church for twenty years and learned most of the Scriptures in the Bible. But, when you left the church each Sunday, you went out and used worldly, humanistic systems to live your life. You told little white lies; you sold things to people they didn’t need; you made money on them that you shouldn’t have; you misled them into thinking you meant one thing when something else was the truth; you cheated some of them; you said and did things that hurt them and their reputation; and you talked about them behind their backs.
Because you knew most of the Scriptures in the Bible, you had information. But, because you were living a different life than what the Bible teaches, you didn’t have transformation. Transformation takes the desires provided you in salvation and helps you become a whole new person in your thoughts, feelings, conversations, and activities of your everyday life.

Pushing Out The Bad
God wants to work on the real you that is wanting to treat yourself, others, and Him with good behavior. He takes the good character and attitudes found in the Bible and uses them to push out the bad character and attitudes found in your life. He helps you with the core motivations of your heart and leads you into being able to handle financial, emotional, relational, and physical issues by using Biblical principles. God and His Biblical principles are the answer to ALL of life’s needs, issues, and challenges.

If you haven’t at least started heading in that direction, then you will need to start praying about getting involved in Devotions With Jesus and HELP eMagazine. God will use the Scriptures presented in them and will train you and empower you to see great miracles, breakthroughs, successes, and changes in the daily activities of your life. Then once you are starting to have these things taking place on a regular basis, you will be ready to share them with those around you.

Helped So You Can Help
During this year’s study in the Bible, God will assist you in learning how to be helped and how to help others with mild to moderate difficulties with life. He will be using the Bible to address all the major aspects of life and help you and your friends with winning at them. As God teaches you the step-by-step procedures for living His Word, Beginning: Year One will add additional Scriptures to your life that will aid you in working with God by sharing all of them with those around you.

Through it God will be providing you with one year of lectures, notes, visual aids, comments, and prayers. He will address the foundational, spiritual concepts for making sure you are living the life Jesus wants you to live. He will cover your relationship with Him through the powerful provisions of salvation. You will learn what all your responsibilities, rights, and privileges are as a child of God and a citizen of His Kingdom. And then He will give you Biblical instructions on how to duplicate the victories for your life in the lives of others.

NOTE: It is recommended that you first start going through Devotions With Jesus for yourself. Then as you start getting successes, breakthroughs, miracles, and blessings from God for your life, you may want to start sharing them with your friends. Then, if you and God feel you are ready, this would be the time for Beginning: Year One to start training you on how to share the victories in your life with your friends.

Growing: Year Two
The second year of Bible Life University is called “Growing.” God takes the Scriptures He taught you and applied to your life and builds on them as He takes you into the concepts of sanctification (spiritual growth). While God is still dealing with how to succeed at life, He will use this year to start bringing His healing power to help you deal with moderate to sever problems, issues, and failures in a person’s life.

It takes the powerful principles of the Bible presented in HELP eMagazine and connects you with God so He can fill you and those around you with power that sets even the most damaged people free. He will help you be able to address some of the most difficult problems you and other people have and show you how to be getting the miraculous power of Jesus working with those issues.

HELP eMagazine
This is a powerful Biblical tool for addressing the kinds of problems that require special attention.
There are those who have been devastated by all kinds of financial, emotional, relational, and physical problems. Even though God has used Devotions With Jesus and Beginning: Year One to help set you free from all kinds of mild to moderated problems, you may be still struggling with one of these types of issues.

You may have one issue that just won’t go away; this year will deal with those issues that are much more difficult to gain the victory over. God will use these more advanced Biblical principles to show you how to win and help others to win against even these moderate to severe problems.

You will learn how to take the Biblical principles found in HELP eMagazine and use the magazine as a tool for bringing the miracles of God into the lives of desperate people. These are people that most Christians aren’t trained or mature enough to help. They typically get neglected and pushed off on medications and secular philosophies. God has MUCH better answers than the world does.

Maturing: Year Three
The third year of Bible Life University is called “Maturing.” God will be using it to build on the first and second years as He takes you to the next level of yielding to the life and ministry of Jesus. This will be a time of walking with Jesus through the four Gospels.

God will help you understand what Jesus was and is trying to do in and through His people. He will further build on the attitudes, character, and presence of Jesus, as He helps develop faith in all Jesus is and all He provides the people of this world. He will take the full concepts of how to be a member of Jesus’ Body and how to change the world for His glory and honor.

World Changers
Our world is in horrible shape; it needs a lot of God-sized help and miraculous answers. Jesus was a World Changer; He set up a system that has moved forward for two thousand years and has helped billions of people. He wants us to yield to His plan and allow Him to show us how to bring change to a desperate and dying world.

He is the answer to all the people of this world and the answer to all their needs. If we allow Him to, He will flow through us to all who are willing to be blessed by Him. As He changes lives, many will share the changes He has made in them to those who need healing and transformation. You will learn Jesus’ system for reaching our world through an exponential growth system; He can make you into a World Changer.

How To Reach The Whole World
During this year God will be providing you with the explanation for why years one and two offer the systems they do. He will show you how to use your story, your experiences, your training, and your skills to start a Christian movement that will spread around the world. He will be encouraging you to expand the message and ministry of Jesus without taking control over the lives of those you work with.

He will explain why you have been trained to direct people into a close and intimate relationship with Him, their heavenly Father. You will see a way of connecting people to God so they can move forward in influencing their friends into the same relationship with Him that they have.
Freedom To Expand
If all Christian leaders will work with God to build a close relationship with Him in those they work with rather than on themselves, their ministry, and their organization, then Christianity will be able to spread quickly around the world. If you help your friends learn how to get their spiritual growth through a close and intimate relationship with God, then you won’t have to build strong organizations and structures that keep them locked into your programs. If your friends know how to go straight to God for their answers and power, they will be able to spend their time seeking God and working with Him as they reach out to their friends.

Private devotions, personal devotions, small groups, church gatherings, and other Christian meetings will all only be for the purpose of helping everyone get their OWN PERSONAL relationship with God. If they are properly led into this kind of relationship, then they will able to keep growing and progressing through God. Once a person is involved with such a ministry, the spread of Christianity will be like the structure of a tree.

As you look at the branches of a tree, you can see how Jesus intended for Christianity to spread. There is a trunk, large branches spreading out from that trunk, medium branches spreading out from the large branches, smaller branches spreading out from the medium sized branches, and twigs growing out of all those smaller branches.

How To Assist Rather Than Control
Jesus is our trunk; as we grow in an intimate relationship with Him, we become large branches that work with all our friends; they soon become medium branches who work with all their friends; their friends soon become small branches who are working with their friends; their friends soon become twigs who will grow into branches so they can work with their friends.

If you keep growing and praying for your friends, God will be able to use you to help your friends, who will help their friends, who will help their friends, who will help their friends grow into a close and intimate relationship with God. You will never count, collect, organize, or take ownership of any of your friends, their friends, or any of the friends that come through them. You will always be available to pray for and futher train them in how to keep getting closer to God. This will spread Christianity around the world; and, it will spread a TYPE of Christianity that God will be pleased with.

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