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The Easy Personal Growth System Why These Books? I’m Ready To Get Started
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When Jesus starts to lead and train you through “Books For Successful Living,” you learn Biblical principles that empower your life in miraculous ways. He uses these books to expose you to the power and work of God’s incredible truths. All you have to do is read through three pages of God’s instructions the first day and then pray for all those concepts the next day.

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“Why These Books?”

Books For Successful Living

What Makes These Books So Special?
Most of us don’t have enough time to properly work on those things that would help us win at life. We want to be the kind of person who knows how life works. We want to be better in our potential for being a better person; we would like to be living the way it takes for us to be really happy. We want to have the successful life other people seem to have. But, we have so many responsibilities, commitments, and demands put on us that we can’t find the time to grow and improve.

What do we do to find out how to live life, how to make it work for us, and how to win over its difficulties. But, we can’t seem to find the right rules, principles, and methods. There are all kinds of philosophies, opinions, suggestions, and principles available to us; but, which ones are the right ones? There are a lot of books available, plenty of seminars, and more than enough training programs. But, most of them are about how to be better at our career, our job, and our position in the company where we work. There is a lot more to us than just our time spent a work.

Getting The Best Life-System
It isn’t that we don’t want to improve in our relationships, our finances, our emotions, our physical condition, and in our life growth; it just seems like nothing really helps us with us. What about who we are, what we really want out of life, and who we want to be? Do we want to be living the way we are living; are we happy with the way things are going; is there something better and more rewarding? If so, how are we going to go about changing where we are to where we need to be?
Jesus has the best life-system; it is one that helps us keep growing in our abilities, skills, talents, and character; but it happens WHILE we are going about our normal life. Jesus won’t just jerk you out of your life and make you have to start all over again. He won’t make you go into a classroom to become His trainee and student of His awesome life principles. He will give you a whole new and wonderful way of living while GRADUALLY teaching and changing you into the person you have always wanted to be.

Jesus wants to give you life-classes that take His information and truths and put them into your everyday life. He wants to teach you how to read a few of His wonderful life principles; then He will help you put them into practice all day long. He will help you learn a life-changing truth and then show you how to apply it during your day. At first, your life may not change all that much. It may seem like you aren’t being lifted out of all those things that have you trapped in a rat-race. But, gradually He and His truths will lift you up into a much better way of life.

  • Jesus has helped us provide you with His training without you having to make major changes in your schedule. If you are concerned about how you are going to have the time to get Jesus’ training, then select “The Easy Personal Growth System” words below.

  • If you would like to know more about the books that supply you with Jesus’ daily training, and if you would like to look at the principles that make Jesus’ training so important, just select the words below that say: “Why These Books.”

  • If you feel you are ready to get started with one of the two series Jesus has made available, then select the “I’m Ready To Get Started” words below.

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The Easy Personal Growth System Why These Books? I’m Ready To Get Started

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