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The Series:
“Born To Win”

Sermon One
“Winning Through Understanding”

Learning Spiritual Principles While Living Life
God wants you to learn how to so live life that you win at doing those things He has planned for you to do. A lot of time is spent doing things that God didn’t plan for us to do. The only way for us to succeed in life is to find out what God’s plan is for us. We need to know why we were created, why He put us on this earth, and why He gave us the life we have. Life never makes sense and fails to work properly for us as long as we don’t know the answers to these questions. There are messages in God’s Word that will help you find out how to know and live the way you were created to live. God will guide you in His Word and bring clarity and purpose to all you do.

Your first step to learning how to win at life is to understand the basic principles for winning. God’s system for winning is different than the ways of the world. The first thing we all have to do is open our heart to these new principles.
If we are convinced that the world knows how to win, then we won’t be OPEN to God’s way of doing things. He created life and He created you. He had a reason for creating this world and He had a reason for putting you on this planet. He has a life for you to live that will fulfill His purpose and bring happiness, joy, satisfaction, peace, and success to you. All you have to do is spend time with Him finding out what you need to do to get involved in His plan and things will start falling into place for you.

Pray that God will start opening your heart to a desire to know how His principles work. Ask Him to set you free from all world systems that are currently letting you down. Ask Him to heal you of all attitudes that would keep you from being receptive to His teaching. Pray that He will empower you to understand His ways, purposes, and plans.

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