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The Series:
“Born To Win”

Sermon Two
“Winning Through Commitment”

Making A DEEP Commitment
If there is an area of your heart where you have made up your mind you aren’t changing, then that is closed to God. He can’t help you, heal you, or transform you there. There can be a place in your heart where you are currently getting all your needs met through relationships with people. You may be doing things with a group or person that you shouldn’t be doing. But, you like what you are doing and you don’t want God telling you that you need to give up that relationship.

You may not be able to see yourself ever being happy and satisfied without this relationship. You may have never found such pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction from any other source. You possibly feel that God would have to agree with what you are doing, because it is meeting so many important needs in you; but, if He doesn’t, that is going to have to be where you draw the line. If there is going to be a choice between Him and these people or this person, then you are going to have to choose these people or this person.

Letting Go Of A Rock In Your Heart
We all live in the now. We can’t see how things are going actually turn out. Our only picture of the future is an imagination.
Based on the way things are going in the moment, if they continue the way they are now, then we would assume they will turn out in a similar way to how they are now.

God knows how things are REALLY going to turn out. People’s opinions and influence on our lives have a very important effect on our future. Only God knows what those opinions and influences are going to do to our lives now and in eternity. Based on His knowledge of the future and His love for you, He makes a decision concerning all your relationships. He has caused very important information and guidelines to be written in the Bible to help you see why He wants you to give up certain relationships. He has also provided you with Biblical information telling you how to have pure, Godly relationships that will end up being a blessing to you.

Stay before God asking Him to help you never have an area of your heart where you refuse to give it up to Him. If there is already an area where you can feel resistence to any changes God MIGHT make, then stay in prayer for as long as it takes until you can say “yes” to Him concerning that area of your heart. You don’t have to change the relationships by yourself. Just say “yes” to Him letting Him know you WANT to do the right thing. Then start praying for His power and desires to DO the right thing. Once the power and desires come from God, start TRYING to use that power and desires to start doing the right things.

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