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The Series:
“Born To Win”

Sermon Four
“Winning At The Finish Line”

Giving Up Losing So You Can Win
Remaining in a place where we don’t understand the things of God, allowing people to lure or push us away from God and the things of God, and allowing the cares of life and the deceitfulness of riches to crowd out God is all a part of losing. 

As we gradually receive God’s healing in these areas, more and more of our heart and life come available to His way of winning.  His healing power sets us free from people’s opinions and persecutions.  He sets us free from people’s pressures and lures to do things that are infected with spiritual disease (sin).  Little by little we are empowered to pull away from the slavery of certain types of jobs and debt.  We progressively move away from striving for positions, possessions, prestige, power, and accomplishments of this temporary world. 

Being Patient With Progress
As we move into God and the things of God, we start to win at things that matter for here and eternity. 
More and more our life starts to produce results that really matter for us, the plan and purpose of God, and for the needs of those around us.  We begin to get those things that satisfy, bless us, and heal us. 

We please God by doing things that are meaningful and important to Him.  And, we bring honor and glory to God while getting our needs met by being generous to people.  Everyone wins, as we move more and more into the system of God.  But, growing in our understanding of God and the things of God, getting delivered from bad influences from people, and being set free from the entanglements of the cares of this life and financial issues, comes at a slow rate.  We are getting a lot more areas of productive life.  But, we still have a lot more areas where we need God’s help and healing. 

Pray that God will continue His work in you.  Ask Him to help you NEVER be satisfied with the progress you have experienced.  Tell Him you want to keep growing and improving for the rest of your life.  Ask Him to help you always be thankful for all He has already done.  Then ask Him to help you keep asking for more.  Let Him make you into the best you can be for Him, yourself, and mankind. 

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