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Why These Books?
Most of us don’t have enough time to properly work on those things the Bible is wanting to teach us. We want to grow in our character, attitudes, and personality. We want to be better at all our relationships; we would like to live the way Jesus teaches us to live. But, we have so many responsibilities, commitments, and demands put on us that we can’t find the time.

God has been a wonderful answer to a lot of our issues and questions. But, there are times when we don’t seem to have a direct line to Him. We have Christian leaders who are preaching, lecturing, teaching, and counseling; but, a lot of the subjects aren’t about our issues. There are a lot of Christian books available; but, by the time we have finished a book, that is addressing our issues or questions, we forget or don’t seem to be able to apply most of the principles. We don’t seem to be getting much spiritual and relational progress.

Getting The Best Life-System
It isn’t that we don’t want to improve in our relationships, our finances, our emotions, our physical condition, and in our spiritual growth, it just seems like church, Christianity, the Bible, and Christian books don’t seem to work in the “real” world. While dealing with “real” people during our day, we almost have to “stretch the truth,” “tell a white lie,” “say what people want to hear,” “bend the rules,” “make promises we can’t keep,” and spend most of our time trying to “get ahead” in life. We want to apply Christian principles to our everyday life; but, we can’t seem to accomplish it.
Jesus has the best life-system; it is one that helps us keep growing in our abilities, skills, talents, and character; but it has to happen WHILE we are going about our normal life. Jesus and His disciples didn’t leave life; they didn’t stop serving the needs of people; the disciples didn’t have to go into a classroom to become followers of Jesus. They stayed with Jesus while living life, growing spiritually and personally, and meeting the needs of people in the process.

Jesus wants to give us life-classes that take His information and truths and put them in our everyday lives. He wants to teach us how to read a few Biblical principles and then practice them all day long. He wants to help us learn a truth and then learn how to live that truth during our day. He wants to give us truths that help us with normal life. He wants us to be helped with those things we are currently facing.

  • We have provided explanations for how you can get enough Bible training for each day without having to make major changes in your schedule. If you want to check this system out, then select “The Easy Personal Growth System” button below.

  • If you would like to know more about the books that supply you with daily Scriptures, and if you would like to look at the materials that make this system so important, just select the button below that says: “Why These Books.”

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The Easy Personal Growth System Why These Books? I’m Ready To Get Started

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