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What Is The Easy Personal Growth System?

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What Is The Easy Life-Growth System?
Jesus knows you have a busy schedule and can’t just give up your life so as to keep growing in its success training. So, Jesus has helped us develop life-growth studies, from the Bible. They benefit relationships such as dating, marriage, family, friendships, business, and career development. They also deal with Scriptures on financial success and emotional breakthroughs. And they provide special spiritual growth studies for a better relationship with Jesus. But, we often don’t have time to get these issues worked on. That is why He has provided you with two ways of getting His training principles you need. Your two choices are, “A Chapter A Day” from special books and “Just Two Pages A Day” studies on this website.

“A Chapter A Day” is a powerful personal growth system with downloadable books having two to three pages per chapter.

“Just Two Pages A Day” is a study system presented on the website with two pages of material for each day.

These two systems provide you with a way of reaching your life-success goals through just two to three pages a day five days a week.

A Chapter A Day Through Books
With this study, you would set aside a time to read a chapter each day for five days each week. It would contain two to three pages of Jesus’ Biblical information. These chapters will be in downloadable books from this website. You would choose these books from one of two series. We and Jesus, working together, will help you choose either the “Starting Your Day With Jesus” series or “The Success In Life Series.”
  • The “Starting Your Day With Jesus” series is a spiritual growth study that builds your relationship with Jesus.

  • “The Success In Life Series” also builds your relationship with Jesus; but, it uses Jesus’ principles to help you with your career, job, business, marriage, family, friendships, and financial issues. It helps you work with Jesus to apply His principles to real life.

Two Pages A Day Through The Website
Except for “Sermons For Life,” all the website studies, on World Changers TLC (, are in a two-page-a-day system. There are four basic programs in this website study system; they are: “What Is The Easy Personal Growth System” (which is what you are looking at now), “Devotions With Jesus,” “HELP eMagazine,” and “Bible Life University.” These four studies provide you with just two pages a day to read. You typically do this for five days each week (a few studies have less than five days for the week). We have found that this type program fits into most people’s lifestyle and schedule.

The Website
The website programs provide a wide range of studies for a broad spectrum of spiritual and life growth. You can check out the three main programs on the website by going to WCTLC’s home page. On the home page, select the “Devotions” button for “Devotions With Jesus,” select the “HELP” button for “HELP eMagazine,” and select the “BLU” button for “Bible Life University.” These programs are all a part of the two-page-a-day system. Their main purposes are explained on the home page of this website.

It Is Easy And Powerful
The main issue we need to consider right now is, the ease through which you are able to get your daily spiritual and life-success needs provided for. You just have to read a chapter a day of two to three pages with the books. Or, you just read two pages a day in all the website programs; this makes it simple and easy. It is amazing how quickly you will be able to get Bible principles that will enhance and change your life.

Your Life-Map
With the books and with the website programs, you are provided with a printable sheet for you to keep track of your progress; with the books it is called: “My Power Growth Record.” On the website, it is called: “My Life-Map Record Sheet.” The “My Life-Map Record Sheet” for the website isn’t your Life-Map; it is just a record for keeping track of your progress with your Life-Map; it is used in conjunction with your Life-Map table of contents. Your Life-Map on the website is an interactive table of contents page. With the books, it is an interactive list page for downloading books. With the website studies, you use your Life-Map as a link to go to the study you are working with. With the books, you use it as a book list link to download the book you are ready to start studying.

We would like to spend a little time helping you consider joining “The Easy Personal Growth System.” If you are willing, just select the words below: “What Is The Easy Personal Growth System?” This will help you decide whether or not you feel the books and programs in World Changers TLC are for you. If you already know you want to join, then just select one of the other three sets of words: “A Chapter A Day,” “Two Pages A Day,” or “Your Life-Map.”

Below you will find four navigation sets of words to choose from; here’s where they take you:

What Is The Easy Personal Growth System?:
This will explain to you why people fail in their friendships, businesses, marriages, families, careers and life in general.

The Website Study System:
This will take you to an explanation of what the material on the website does and what you do after you read your two pages.

The Book Study System:
This will take you to an explanation of what the books do. And, it will also introduce you into the “LIFEstyle” workbook system.

Your Life-Map:
This will take you to an explanation of why every person needs to have a Life-Map. Without it we all wander around being pushed and pulled by interruptions, distractions, fake opportunities, and damaging “friendships.”

Record Sheet For “Starting My Life-Map”
Please select the blue sentence above in order to get a copy of a record sheet for the above introductory studies.

This isn’t the same as “My Life-Map Record Sheet” for the website or “My Power Growth Record” for the books.
This is just a record sheet for keeping track of your reading about the above introductory explanation programs.

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What Is The Easy Personal Growth System?

The Website Study System The Book Study System Your Life Map
Please read the information on this page before selecting one of these choices.

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