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The Book Study System
What if you got a great job opportunity and then discovered you weren’t qualified? What a disappointment! Suppose a friend told you about a training program that would have prepared you for this job; but, you decided you didn’t want to put out the effort. What if you met the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with; but, you kept using the wrong techniques with them? Suppose a friend tried to convince you that they were perfect for you. They told you that all you needed to do was take a certain course; but, you were totally convinced you knew what you were doing and finally rejected them.

A Chapter A Day For Success
Have you ever made a mistake, a really bad decision, or based your life on a wrong principle? There are people who based their entire lives on a principle that “seemed” to be working for them very well but never did make them happy. Did you know there are people who seem to have achieved great success but committed suicide? Are you aware of the fact that there are people who have money, possessions, positions, prestige, power, popularity, pleasure, and great accomplishments who are depressed, disappointed, and filled with fear?

There are people who set out to find happiness and end up with bad relationships, addictions, bad habits, poor health, and hopelessness. Why? Because they lack the true purpose for life. When we take a trip, it is very important to take ALL the right roads. Even if we take ninety percent of the them, we will still miss our destination. Jesus has principles that keep us on track; He doesn’t have to put us in a class room for twelve years to teach us how to make the right decisions, do the right things, and involve ourselves in the right relationships.

You Have A Heavenly Father
You would be well on your way to success in life, if you could tell whether or not you were making the right decisions, if you could tell who should be your friends and associates, if you had a test you could use to see if you were getting ready to do the right thing.
What if you had the most successful dad in the world, and, he was willing to help you any way you wanted help? You would have a huge head start on life, if you took advantage of your opportunity. God, your heavenly Father is ready and willing to help you with your decisions, your relationships, and your activities.

Your Heavenly Father’s Provisions
Your heavenly Father is willing to make His resources available to you. Jesus is willing to be your tutor and mentor. The Bible has all the answers to all the issues of life. You have the privilege and opportunity to get all the great resources God has to offer. But, you have to accept the fact that a relationship with Jesus is a permission based relationship.

Your God-given free will keeps Jesus from being willing to give you anything you don’t want. And, Him being God keeps anyone from forcing Him to do anything that isn’t good. Plus, Jesus is the only One Who has the knowledge, foreknowledge of the future, understanding, and wisdom to decide whether or not something is good. So, the Bible tells us how to get our will together with Jesus’ will.

Start With The Right Training
There are a lot of verses of Scripture in the Bible. Some of those verses tell us how to establish a close and beneficial relationship with Jesus. Others tell us what we should or should not do. Most Christian books, teachings, sermons, and counseling present those Scriptures that tell you what you should be doing. They deal with right and wrong, good and bad, and righteousness and evil.

These studies deal with those Scriptures that help you better establish your relationship with Jesus. These studies help you cooperate, work together with, and unite with Jesus. These studies open the door to a successful relationship with Him. Then that fully functioning relationship with Jesus produces incredible success in and through your life.

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