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The WCTLC Personal
And Spiritual Growth Program
Some people can’t grow in character and attitudes because they don’t like to read. Some people like to read; but, they only like to read certain things. If they find reading material boring, they struggle with focusing on it even when it is very important to their education. They have a hard time being faithful to the study and often drop out. But, if we succeed at making it interesting and keep it short, that helps all those who need to be studying and growing, to accomplish their goals.

Living Life With Purpose
As you are reading the website’s two pages a day for five days each week, the material is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey into the great life-success plan that Jesus has for you. It is unlimited in being able to help you in any area where you need to grow and win at life. There are devotional studies, obsession or addiction help, salvation beginning studies, and advanced training for those who are ready to start helping others.
Jesus’ Provisions
Have you ever missed out on a special sale at a store because you didn’t know about it? Have you ever missed out on going to a special event because you didn't get the notice? There are actually things we miss out on all the time that we would have taken advantage of, if we had just known about them. People fail at business, marriage, relationships, finances, and happiness just because they don’t know vital principles from Jesus.

The great thing about taking a class on a subject is that the instructor did all the research for us. The great thing about having a mentor or tutor is the fact that, that person has already gone through the issues and problems and succeeded. If we have a question, we can just ask them rather than having to do a lot of research or learning it the hard way. To have the information laid out with Scriptures and passages already studied through, is in itself very valuable. But, to get it from people who are already living the life is a benefit that is hard to find.

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