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The Easy Personal Growth System
We often work on every part of our lives except the most important one of all...who WE are. We study material on developing a career, how to travel to a destination, interesting information on the internet, and entertainment. What if we studied all about business, finance, marriage, sales, and sports but didn’t learn about our character, attitudes, and purpose for living? What happens to a career, business, or marriage when our attitudes and character aren’t properly developed?

Attitudes And Character
The way we treat ourselves and the people around us decides what kind of personal success we will have in our career, marriage, friendships, family, and business. What if we were an accountant that had the wisdom of Jesus enhancing our career? What if we were a doctor with the compassion of Jesus influencing our attitudes? What if we were a lawyer with the honesty and integrity of Jesus guiding our behavior?

The best educated professionals in the world can destroy their lives and their careers simply by not being the kind of people THEY need to be. We can find the very best spouse or friend and mess the relationship up by not being able to treat them the way we should. We can have a tremendous amount of money and be totally miserable deep down inside and spend it on all the wrong things. Jesus’ Biblical principles in these studies make everything you learn and everything you become, worthwhile.
Living Life With Purpose
Most people don’t realize this; but, the WAY we say things invites people in or drives them away. Most people don’t notice this; but, the WAY we think and believe draws the right or the wrong people into our life. Our ideas and suggestions are accepted or rejected just by the motives behind them. It is easy for us to be blind to why we affect people the way we do. Good people like certain things and dislike others; true friends are drawn to some people and repulsed by others. Quality people will join some people and reject others.

Living Life With Training
Learning how to have the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and integrity from Jesus is actually more important than anything else we learn and become. What if we made all our business, marriage, friendship, and life decisions based on the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of Jesus? He can give us the training, skills, and power that produce TRUE success in OUR life. BEING a person that all those around us enjoy, produces stable and dynamic relationships in business, marriage, friendships, associations, and even with enemies.

What if you allowed Jesus to help you set your goals and plans for life? Jesus’ Bible principles are designed by Him to help you succeed. They take you on a step-by-step journey into the great life-success plan HE has for you. You are actually more important than the money you make, the things you own, or the accomplishments you achieve. If YOU become successful in who YOU are, that will bring the happiness you seek and the satisfaction you long for. If our attitudes, character, and behavior are developed, our relationships, finances, emotions, and physical condition improve too. We will even learn how to get Jesus’ help with getting good circumstances coming our way.

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