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Your Life Map
What if you just lived your life by allowing job opportunities, people, and circumstances push you around and decide where you would end up at the end of your life? That would be like a sail boat with the sails out just going wherever the wind blew and the waves pushed it. Most boats like that would either end up at the bottom of the water or smashed on the rocks on the shore. But, even if that didn’t happen, it would never reach any special destination.

Living Life With Purpose
As you are reading the two pages a day or a chapter a day for five days each week, Jesus will take you on a step-by-step journey; He will take you into the great life-success plan He has for you. Jesus will use your Life-Map and your Life-Map Record Sheet to help you have a study plan, a life-application plan, and a life-success goal to help you live each day with purpose.
The Map
Maps allow you to see the roads that are available to you. Rather than having to blaze your own trail or discover what roads are out there, rather than using a trial and error system, maps make it seem like you have already been there. They make it seem like you have gone all those places and know where all the roads are and where they lead.

You can plan out the route you want to take. You will know what to expect as you come to each fork and crossroad. It will be fairly simple for you to get where you want to go because YOU HAVE A MAP! That is what the Bible is all about; it lets you live your life for the first time; but, you are able to live it with skill, knowledge, experience, and power.

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