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One of the most important concerns Jesus has about your spiritual growth is that you have GOOD spiritual food every day. Just like your body needs it every day, so does your spirit person inside your body.

Jesus uses “Devotions With Jesus” to make sure you have spiritual food that will help you not only survive but to be able to live the victorious Christian life.

Please read the material below carefully and prayerfully so you can see what He wants to help you with.

Before You Start
“Devotions With Jesus”
• It would be good for you allow Jesus to show you the BENEFITS of these devotions.

• It would also be good for you to allow Him to INTRODUCE you to the format you will see, as you start going through these devotions.

Rather than trying to present all that information on one page, it will be better for you and Him to go through two Special Features presentations. He will give you all the information you need so you can get the most out of Devotions With Jesus.

Please read the column to the right and it will give you a brief explanation for where “The Special Features Of Devotions With Jesus” bar at the bottom of this page will take you.

Many are praying for you that Devotions With Jesus will be a wonderful blessing to you and your friends.
The Special Features
When you select the words “The Special Features Of Devotions With Jesus” below, you will be provided with a quick overview of all you will be experiencing during your time with Devotions With Jesus.

After you have gone through these two Special Feature presentations, you will be brought back to this page. In this textbox, Jesus will help you get ready to start taking His actual Devotions.

Just select the words “The Special Features Of Devotions With Jesus” on the box below and you will be on your way with Jesus.

The Special Features
Of Devotions With Jesus
This gives you the Benefits and Introduction

Keeping a record of the devotions you have completed is very important. You can sometimes forget where you left off. The sheet provided below can be printed. It will help you keep track of those devotions you have already completed.

Select This For The Devotional Series Introduction List
This will get you started with Devotions With Jesus.

Shortcut Words
As you are navigating back and forth during your times of devotion,
you can use the Shortcut Bar below to speed up your access to your devotions.

Pursuit Greatness Dream Children Word Voice Answers Kingdom Win Good Relationships Working Christ-Life
Regular Participants Can Use This Shortcut Bar To Go Directly To Their Devotional Series

Devotions With Jesus Devotional Series WCTLC Start Page Table Of Contents
The “Devotional Series” words gives you an explanation page. The “Table Of Contents” words give you a list of all Series and Devotions.

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