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How’s This Going To Work?
You Got Here Through Birth
John 3:3 In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again.” You may take your human birth for granted that got you here. Where were you before you were born? You don’t know! Why did you have to be born to get here? You don’t know! But, you do know you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t born. Your birth made you a human, a member of a family, and a citizen of a country. Being born again makes you a child of God, a member of God’s family, and a citizen of His eternal Kingdom; that’s how you get there.

Jesus, show me how being God’s child, a family member, and a citizen of His Kingdom give me rights, privileges, rules, and laws I can be born again under. Help me see that it changes everything in my relationship with You. Help me see that like adults helped me mature and do better as a human, that is Your plan for me.

Your Birth Put You Under Laws And Rules
The rules and laws of your human body limit your abilities, talents, skills, and opportunities. The laws of the family you were born in controlled what you were allowed to do there. The laws of the country you were born in control what you are allowed to do in it. The laws of the society control what you are allowed to do with them. It may look like the laws and rules you are currently under will be the ones you will be under for the rest of your life. But, Jesus paid a heavy price, so you could be given a chance to get all the rights and privileges of a child of God.

Jesus, help me see that a child of God is allowed to do things that a regular human isn’t even capable of thinking about. Show me that as I study and pray these things, I am being introduced not only to how to get rid of major issues in my life, You are raising my level of expectation by offering me the opportunity of being a child of God. Help me start embracing this opportunity.

You Have To Be A Citizen
Of God’s Kingdom
Becoming A Kingdom Citizen
As you know, most kingdoms around the world are called nations. Few nations have kings or queens. So, they aren’t called KINGdoms. However, Jesus is the King of God’s Kingdom. Meeting Him and getting acquainted with His attitudes and character are important to you. They help you be glad He will be in charge of your rights, privileges, and laws. Getting to know Him helps you agree with His plan for your life. When He challenges something that will hurt you but you think it is good for you, it will help you trust Him enough to let Him take it.

Jesus, I now understand why it is called the KINGdom of God; You are the King of God’s Kingdom. Let me meet You and get acquainted with Your attitudes and character. Help me learn why I should put You in charge of my rights, privileges, and laws and be glad You are.

Jesus, just like I have been born in a nation or kingdom and am a citizen of that land by birth. That is what You were saying to Nicodemus about birth into the Kingdom of God. You were saying that the only way I can become a citizen of God’s Kingdom is by birth. That isn’t something I thought would be the answer to the issues of my life. Help me see how this works.

You Have To Be Born Into God’s Family
To Be A Citizen Of His Kingdom
Being Born Again Is A Personal Decision
Nicodemus was a Jew; and they were considered to be God’s chosen people. God had made a whole lot of promises to those who belonged to that nation. Nicodemus probably assumed he was automatically a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Jesus was telling him that wasn’t true. The same is true of you; it’s not a national, family, or group decision. You can be born in a Christian family, go to church, be baptized as an infant or young child, study all kinds of Bible lessons and even memorize Scripture verses, and still not be born again.

Jesus, help me see that even studying and praying these Biblical principles won’t automatically make me be born a child of God. Help me understand that You don’t cause things to happen to me without my permission. I have to invite You into my life and allow You to make the changes that happen to me, when I get born again. Help me continue to allow myself to be exposed to these studies and prayers so I will understand what You do through this new birth.

Being Born Again Makes You Legal
If you were born in a certain nation or kingdom and you illegally entered another nation or kingdom, you wouldn’t have citizen rights and privileges. If you were born in one family and you tried to sneak into another family, you wouldn’t be accepted as a member. That only comes through being born in that family or by being adopted into that family by those parents.

Jesus, teach me that I can’t just start trying to live the Christian life. There has to be an actual spiritual change take place in me. As I study and pray over these things, help me see that You are trying to help me want to be born again. You aren’t trying to get me to start trying to be a Christian. Help me see that I have to ask You to cause me to be born again.

Being Born Again Brings MANY Of The Benefits
Jesus, make it clear to me that as long as I haven’t been born again into God’s family and Kingdom, I don’t get many of the benefits that come from that relationship. In other words, help me realize that, that is the reason why many of my prayers don’t get answered by God prior to salvation. He requires that I become His child, join His family, and became a citizen of His Kingdom before I start getting many of the benefits that come from Him. This may not make total sense to me right now; but help me see that it will soon.

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