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A Kingdom Is Only As Great As Its Freedom
God Could Force Us
God has the power to take away everyone’s will; He is able to turn us all into robots or slaves. He can force us all to live the Kingdom-of-God life; but, that would make Him a tyrant; it would make us mindless slaves; and the Kingdom would be a lifeless place of automation. He knows what He is doing; He also knows the best way to arrange this transition.

God Doesn’t Always Get His Way
2 Pet 3:9 (NIV) The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. This is what God wants for every person; but, He refuses to force us to do the right and best things. Some will be eternally lost because they will refuse to let go of their sins. They must be given the right to exclude themselves from God’s plan and all His provisions. You have that right.

Your Freedom Of Sin-Choice Is Limited To This Lifetime
God has given you your life; and, it will remain your choice about Jesus’ salvation. For as long as Jesus hasn’t come to take all who are ready to His Kingdom, for as long as you are still alive, for as long as you are still conscious, and for as long as you are still sane, you are free to decide what you are going to do about Jesus’ salvation. If Jesus comes, a person dies, permanently loses consciousness, permanently becomes insane, then their opportunities to allow Jesus to set them free from spiritual disease will be over.

We Have A God-Given Free Will
Individuals Are Free To Live The Way They Want
We’re sure you have noticed that people pretty much do what they want here on earth. If they want to be good people, they can. If they want to lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape, or hoard, they can. If they want to love, share, help, befriend, sacrifice, accept, or build up, they can.

Leaders Are Free To Live The Way They Want
Leaders can be honest, filled with integrity, benevolent, resourceful, and beneficial, if they want to. Or, they can be tyrants, liars, cheats, murders, and produce war. Wherever God places them in life, they can decide what kind of character they are going to have in that position. This helps us see some very important things about God.

We Can See God’s Character In These Desires:
  • He wants us to be free.

  • He allows us to choose what kind of person we want to be.

  • He lets us influence those around us, good or bad.

  • He offers us the opportunity to see the difference between His ways and evil ways; this makes it possible for us to make a KNOWLEDGEABLE choice.

  • He provides us with a temporary life so we can choose how we want to spend eternity.
  • He gives us limited power so we can use it and see why He puts us where He does in eternity.

  • He rewards us in eternity based on how we live this temporary life.

  • He is going to do what it takes to bring us to the place where we agree with His final decision on where and how we will spend eternity.

  • He is gracious (gives us blessings we don’t deserve), merciful (keeps us from getting what we really deserve), and is a loving God.
With all this freedom here and now, we can see that our freedom in eternity is going to be extensive.

You Only Lose One Freedom In Eternity
You Won’t Be Free To Do Wrong, Bad, Or Evil
In eternity, the only freedom we will lose is the freedom to feel sinful feelings, think sinful thoughts, know how to sin, or have the ability to do any sins. Sins are evil thoughts, feelings, words, or deeds against ourselves, others, or God’s wonderful plan. We will be INCAPABLE of doing harm, murder, war, terrorism, rape, lying, cheating, stealing, inflicting pain, gossiping, or being condescending.

You Will Be Free To Do Right, Good, And Righteousness In Eternity
All other freedoms with stay intact. We will be loving, kind, humble, generous, friendly, inclusive, exciting, joyous, and fun. We will lose one freedom we have here on earth, the right to be involved in the spiritual disease-contagion, sin.

It’s Time To Make Your Choice
Would You Like To See More Benefits?
If you are still not sure you are ready to receive this new power life, then after you have prayed about this issue in your workbook, you will be given instructions on how to start the course, “From New Life To Eternal Life” next week. In it we will continue to look at the great benefits you will receive as a member of God’s family and a citizen of His Kingdom.

Would You Like To See The Full Steps Into Salvation Now?
If you are ready to receive this new power life and don’t feel you need to look at more of its benefits, then after you have prayed about this issue in your workbook, you will be given instructions on how to start the course, “How To GET The Power Life” for next week. We will look at the Scriptures that tell you HOW to receive this new power life.

Are You Already A Christian And Ready To Grow Spiritually?
If you have read all these things and have realized that you already have this new power life, then after you have prayed about this issue in your workbook, you will be given instructions on how to start the course, “How To KEEP The Power Life” and we will help you look at powerful passages in the Bible that will help you live a victorious Christian life.

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