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Making A Change
We will be praying for you that Jesus guides you in your search for the best church or Christian group for you. If you think you have found the best church or group for you and later discover it has too many problems, then start looking for a better one. You might keep meeting with the group you are currently going to while you are looking. Then when you find a better one, you can move on to it. Just keep in mind that it is possible you found Christians in your old church or group that you need to keep as friends.

Let Jesus Guide Others
Be careful to not try to “drag” other people off to your church from their church. Keep it clear in your mind that we are all very unique. A church that is “perfect” for you may not be good for your friends. It is possible that friends who go to other churches and groups should change. But, we have to let them decide what church is best for them. Jesus will guide them and you to the place that will best fit your and their needs.

Don’t Become Exclusive
Reach out to Christians everywhere you go. There may be something you can help them with; and, they may be able to give you something you desperately need. Be sure to tell them about this website. We want to serve as many people as we possibly can; and, you can help us do that. As Jesus helps you learn and grow in things that are vital to your time here and in eternity, it is good for you to share them with others. As these studies help you, it gives you training and spiritual skills that make you qualified to use these studies to help others.
You Are Growing
You may see yourself as being the same person year after year. We all grow gradually; and, we are transformed by Jesus through gentle procedures. There are times when drastic changes take place in us; but, we soon adapt to them and take them for granted. This keeps us from realizing we need to make some changes. We can get into a rut and keep doing what we have “always done.” Your needs and abilities last year aren’t the same as they are this year. If you look back on yourself a few years ago, you can see that you aren’t the same person. If you keep putting the same clothes on a baby, their old clothes will hurt and constrain them; they “out grew” them. That is happening to you!

We Don’t Always Like Change
As we go through all the trouble of finding a good church or group, as we struggle with finding friends who can help us with where we are spiritually, we can decide that it is too much trouble ever doing that again. Just like you need to make some changes now, you will keep needing to make changes later. You have had to change from baby stores, to stores that sell things for young people, to stores that sell things for adults. Jesus needs to be allowed to help you GRADUALLY move along and make the constant changes you need.

Progressive Training
Just like these studies are designed to keep adding the next level of spiritual growth to your life, you also need that same type of provisions, friendships, church help, and relationships in your future. Jesus has provided these progressive training procedures automatically in these studies. BUT, you probably won’t find things set up so automatic in your church and group involvements. You will probably find it EXTREMELY easy to settle in and be doing the same things year after year “out there.”

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