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The Power Courses Introduction
For Life Issues
Life Success Level FOUR Courses

Christianity is all about the power to live a much better life.
Your relationship with yourself, those around you, and God involves Jesus empowering you
to do wonderful things you have never been able to do before.

Jesus takes your best intentions and turns them into habits and a lifestyle
through a relationship with Him.

The Power Program introduces you into Jesus’ power.
He wants to share His power with you.
Please read the material below before selecting a course.

Welcome To “The Power Courses” Introduction
There are three studies in “The Power Courses.” They are called “The Power Courses” because they introduce you into the WAY of getting the power you need to win over life issues. Even if these subjects don’t seem to be addressing what you thought you needed, it is VERY important that you give these studies a chance to prove themselves. Millions of people have already found these principles to give them the power they needed to deal with life.

The first course is The Importance Of The Power Life. The second one is “The Importance Of Eternal Life.” The third one is “From Power Life To Eternal Life.” This is a very important group of studies that deal with why you should allow the power life to empower you. They also deal with who qualifies for the power life with God. They look at when a person is able to have the power life. And they show you where this power life can be obtained. Let Jesus take you through a quick look at the purpose for all three of them.

The Importance Of The Power Life
It is amazing how much you can learn about life and what it takes to succeed and still not live like you should. You are aware of a lot of things you know you SHOULD be doing; but, there seems to be something blocking you off. Power to do what you know you should be doing is the answer to much of success in life. Jesus uses this study to take a look at what the power-relationship with God is able to do for you.

A lot of people, who have already accepted Jesus’ help and are convinced that they know a lot concerning what the power life is all about, are in reality living a very powerless life. If you find yourself struggling with living those things you know you should be living, if you find yourself failing at things you feel you should be succeeding at, if you find yourself being defeated by things you should be able to defeat, then you should spend time in this study.

The Importance Of Eternal Life
The life you are living here on earth is just the beginning of your existence. The life you are currently living is to get you ready for a life that never ends. If you were going to die and cease to exist, then you should try to have as much fun and experience as much pleasure as you can. But, if there is eternal life after death, then you need to get ready for it and not neglect what it take to get there.
The life you lived in school wasn’t the kind of life you lived after you graduated. School life is just a life that is to get you ready for real life. The life you are living now is like school life; it is just a training life that is to get you ready for eternal life. “The Importance Of Eternal Life” explains why you need to live your current life as a training life.

Once you understand eternal life, it will encourage you to have a lot of faith and hope for your eternal future. This study will help you apply yourself now because of how great your eternal future is going to be. Life will take on a whole new meaning, as you learn how much this life influences your eternal life.

From Power Life To Eternal Life
What Are You Training For?
It is great to find out how wonderful your eternal life is going to be. However, it is very important to understand what you need to be doing to get ready for it. This study spends additional time laying out all the benefits you can look forward to after you leave this life. And, it helps you see why you need to apply yourself to getting ready for your eternal life.

What Are You Hunting For?
God isn’t just offering you a way to get rid of bad addictions, habits, and life problems, He is offering you a way of life that makes sense. We have all obtained things and relationships that we thought would make us happy. And, we have all been made happy for a short period of time from those experiences. But, you have found that the happiness that many of those achievements and successes produced, either wore off or became painful, disappointing experiences.

What Are You Living For?
After you have lived long enough to have tried many different things to help yourself be happy, you start to look back at all your efforts and wonder what life is all about. Is it just about momentary successes, experiences of pleasure, feelings of happiness and then disappointment and emptiness? Is there a goal, a dream, a plan and purpose for all this? The “From The Power Life To Eternal Life” study answers these and many more questions.

What Are You Reaching For?
Through these courses, you will keep moving into the levels of life success and keep finding out how to deal with life issues. You will be able to win over them, learn how to use these principles for handling other issues in your life, and learn how to share these principles with those around you.

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