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Jesus knows
what you’re going through!
Because He went through it
before you did.

If you already know what problem
is bothering you the most in your life,
you can select the picture that represents that problem.

How To Win At Life
If you want to know how to get your problems solved,
consider the importance of POWER.

Nothing Seems To Work
The main missing ingredient in most people’s lives and the programs they reach out to for help is the power or ability to be able to DO those things they are taught and desire to do. A lot of people already know what they want and know a lot about what they SHOULD be doing to get there. But, they lack the determination, the will, the drive, the stamina, the courage, or whatever they call it to be able to do what they need to do to win. We call that missing ingredient, POWER.









Power Makes The Difference
The word HELP in HELP eMagazine stands for Helping Everyone Live Powerfully. Learning how to get the power to do the things you need to do to win at life is just as important as learning what to do. Power principles are what HELP eMagazine is all about. Just select the picture to your left that represents the area where you are struggling and it will take you to a study that can give you the power you need.













HELP eMagazine Provides You With Wonderful Resources
If you just want to browse HELP eMagazine, here are some of the highlights.

People’s life stories that help you know you are not alone.

The answer to one of our biggest questions.

Powerful information that deals directly with what you are going through.

Power to be able to apply these life-changing principles.

Resources that others have used that helped them get healing and victory.

Opportunities for you to share with others the wonderful successes you have gained.

If you just want a general view of HELP eMagazine, you can select any of these resources above and they will take you to that area.

If You Already Know
Which Problem Is Bothering You The Most
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Emotional Issues:
Guilt Fear Loneliness Depression Hopelessness Anger Death
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Addiction Issues:
Addiction Pornography Sex Gambling Spending Drugs Alcohol
Relational Issues:
Divorce Marriage Children
Spiritual Issues:
Spiritual Temptation
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