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Bad People Can’t Do Good Things
No matter how powerful and influential a group of people gets, if they are morally corrupt, have philosophies that don’t work, have attitudes that are mean and evil, and their words, actions, thoughts, and feelings are selfish and corrupt, then every change they make to our world will be bad.

From the very beginning of time, God has been working on the issue that humans need to be changed and improved. His number one concern and main effort have been working on the character of humans.

We, as humans, don’t put a lot of work in that area. We just want to be able to know how to make money, buy things, get positions, popularity, power, and have a successful and happy life. But, if a friend, mentor, minister, or World Changer has these kinds of attitudes and philosophies, the work of God isn’t going to be done; their true attitudes and character will show through everything they do.
We often believe that things and people can make us happy and successful. If this philosophy is carried over into our relationships that are for helping people come to Jesus, then it will influence everything we try to do to help people and how we cooperate with God.

However, only a person with the character that God has will succeed in life, find true happiness that satisfies, and be able to do a ministry that fulfills God’s plan.

God is and has, all the characteristics that the people of this world need. If we are going to change our world in a positive direction, then we are going to have to be changed by God first. Then He will be able to work with us to change our world into a better place to live.

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