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Church “Experts” Can Mislead You
Just like life doesn’t work like we thought it did, neither does living with God’s people work like we think it should. It doesn’t even work the way many “experts,” you may pick, will tell you it does.

Many of the “experts” we are tempted to listen to are failing at doing the ministry themselves. They are like the “experts” we picked for guiding our life. The only real success they are experiencing is that they are massing great crowds of people, selling a lot of books, and making a lot of money from their sales. But, behind the scenes, their ministries and churches are a mess.

If you were to go into the inner workings of their congregations and leadership, you would find strife, gossipping, cheating, struggles for power, positions, popularity, and prestige. If you were to go into their homes, you would find a lot of the characteristics you would find in the homes of the unsaved. The systems that many ministers are using are failing them and the people they are working with.

God doesn’t consider our mentoring or ministry a success until we are living the life we share. He also doen’t consider our mentoring and minstry a success until we are able to help others live and share the same type of life.

It isn’t the gathering of huge crowds; it is the spreading of Godly attitudes and character.
Large Crowds
Jesus will show you that GREAT CROWDS aren’t evidence of a great ministry. The Gospels will show you that the expertise of Jesus wasn’t in building large congregations. Jesus’ disciples, in the book of Acts, will demonstrate that the objective wasn’t to meet in large meeting places so the Christians could be fed and the mentors and ministers could be trained. One of the main reasons they met in large crowds was so they could present the gospel message to the lost.

Another reason Jesus and His disciples worked with large crowds was so their trainees could see how the work with the unsaved was done. Other than that, most of the ministry was done one on one and in small groups. Once a person showed a special interest in salvation or growth in Christianity, the mentors, ministers, and World Changers met with them as individuals and in small groups. Then they would take those trainees with them to go back out and work with the unsaved.

Jesus and the Bible, will show you a way to work in His church, as His body, that will bring you the ministerial success you can appreciate and enjoy. That will make it possible for you to start winning in ALL the areas of your life and ministry.

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