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The World Changers’ Approach
World Changers TLC (Through Living Christ) is a special spiritual concept that works from the ground up. Taking the fact that a person can’t help others with things they haven’t gained the victory over for themselves, we present the Scriptures that help people reach their highest goals in life. God uses these Scriptures and helps THEM become the person they need to be. Once they and God are ready for them to start influencing those around them, we present them with Scriptures that help them do that according to God’s plan for them.

Once our attitudes, character, and philosophies have been changed and headed in a great direction, it puts us in a position to start helping the world around us. Once we see how great the changes are that Jesus makes in us, it gives us the excitement and information we need to start passing them on to others. That is when we work with God to start presenting Scriptures to them that show them how to be a friend, a mentor, a minister, and then a World Changer.
You might buy the world’s best vacuum cleaner, put the very best filters in it, and use the very best motions for pushing it across the floor; but, if you haven’t plugged it in, you are waisting all your time going through the motions. Power tools aren’t power tools until they are connected to their power SOURCE.

POWER to live a life that is morally good, with philosophies that work in real life, having attitudes that are acceptable to those around us, and with words, actions, thoughts, and feelings that help us succeed in life, are all vital for us and those around us. It takes God’s power to live the type of life He wants us to live; it takes God’s power to learn how to be people’s friends; it takes God’s power to be able to mentor people; it takes God’s power to be able to minister to them; and, it takes God’s power to be able to do our part to change our world with Jesus.

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