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Step One in anyone’s journey for helping their world become a better place to live, is getting and learning how to share the new life Jesus has provided. HELP eMagazine has a section that assists those who have never connected with God in such a way that they have been given His new life.

Many think they are Christians and have the blessings of God because they go to church or were born in a Christian family. Just because you were baptized as an infant or have joined a church doesn’t make you a child of God.

Being Born Into God’s Kingdom
It is vital that everyone who wants to spend eternity with God and live in His Kingdom, receive God’s new life. Jesus has provided this New Life so everyone would be able to gain the rights and privileges supplied by God. If you are not sure, spend some times checking this wonderful experience and life out.

Just click on the words “New Life” at the top of this column or click on the “Home” button above, then click on the “Life” button on World Changers Home Page. Once you get there, you can choose to learn more ABOUT the new life or you can go straight to learning how to GET the new life that makes you a child of God.
Once you have and are able to help others get a new life from Jesus, you and your friends are ready to start on your journey in learning how to live victoriously in that new life. HELP eMagazine offers a very dynamic study on how to live the victorious Christian life. It is one thing to get the power to live the new life God gives those who become Christians; it is another thing to know how to take advantage of that power.

Use It Or Lose It
Well, you can’t actually lose it; but, having and not using God’s benefits is a lot like losing them. Just because you have electricity connected to your home doesn’t force you to use it. You need to plug your TV, phone chargers, vacuum, and clocks into the wall receptacles. Just like you need to buy a TV, vacuum, and clock so as to take advantage of the electricity in your home, you need to learn how to get the equipment God has to offer so God can help your life be better.

The Living Victoriously study in HELP eMagazine shows you how to get God’s provisions and His power to take advantage of those provisions. This will equip and empower you to live the life God has for you. Just click on the “Home” button above then click on the “Victory” button on World Changers Home Page or you can click on the title “Living Victoriously” above.

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