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Let’s Look At The Questions Again
What is going to bring the wonderful, healing, and transforming power of Jesus to a suffering world?

• Do we need more churches? It depends. What kind of churches?

• Do we need more ministers? That really depends. Are they ministers that Jesus would put His stamp of approval on? If they aren’t, then they aren’t going to be an answer to a worldwide Christian movement.

• Maybe we need more prayer? You would think that this question would have to be answered with a resounding “yes.” But Jesus even challenged this process. He said the Father wouldn’t even hear certain types of prayers. Are we praying to be seen by men; or, are we praying to be more dependent on God?

• Could it be that we need more repentance or greater dedication? As we go through this study we will see that Jesus even redefined and challenged these issues and brought them under great scrutiny.
What is our motive for repenting and dedicating? Is it for God’s glory or our success?

Some of our best answers to those things we consider “Christian” can be blasted out of existence once they are exposed to Jesus’ life and ministry. So, if the answer isn’t necessarily more churches, ministers, prayer, repentance, and dedication, what is needed to change our world? What is going to get the naked clothed, the hungry fed, the imprisoned visited, the sick loved and healed, and strangers invited into our relationships?

What Is Going On Inside You?
Our internal condition is what makes us a person God is able to use. If we spend a lot of time teaching people how to do the ministry and their heart is motivated by even the smallest amount of greed, pride, coveteousness, anger, lying, or dishonesty, it will be like yeast in bread. It will influence every thing they learn, everything they think and plan, and everything they say and do. Only Jesus can address this internal situation and help us be transformed on the inside.

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